If you're searching for ways to streamline your business, it may be time to consider integrating iPads into your processes. Advancements in iPad wireless charging capabilities will keep your team moving and reduce lag time between departments. iPads are becoming increasingly popular in every sector, including primary, tertiary, and public sectors. These areas include:

  • Agricultural/Farming/Fishing 
  • Forestry and mining management 
  • Hotels, tourism, and other hospitality 
  • Retail 
  • Industrial  
  • Restaurants 
  • Sales 
  • Libraries 
  • Schools 
  • Legal areas and courtrooms 
  • First responders 
  • All facets of the healthcare industry 

iOS Platform is Familiar to Your Customers

It may come as a surprise that iPad use in business and government operations is surging higher than personal consumer use. The New York Times reported that more than half of all iPad sales are to corporations and government organizations. In recent years, Apple has shifted focus to tailoring many apps and accessories toward business use, and it has paid off. By teaming up with major tech companies like IBM and even their competitor, Microsoft, Apple has made consistent strides to increase connectivity and compatibility throughout business enterprises. 

This is promising evidence that the iOS platform is versatile enough to serve not only your employees but also your customers. Familiarity with a product makes people more comfortable with adapting to change. Because iOS is a platform people know and love, integrating it into your business processes is a snap! Why wait to drive efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, capture valuable data and grow revenue? 

iOS Apps to Support Any Niche Market

The ease of use of the iOS platform means full integration and increased automation of processes for practically every type of business is no longer wishful thinking. For instance, you can help customers more easily find the products they need while browsing your store by offering a kiosk with a catalog search feature. Similarly, restaurants can streamline ordering by offering their menu right at the table, while simultaneously tracking sales and stock in real-time.

But, it's not just customer interactions that can be streamlined. Alternatively, if your business or office is more service based, a kiosk allowing customers to check-in electronically will streamline intake processes. Guests can easily check-in, notifying your team immediately. Additionally, by integrating multiple compatible apps, you can use one point of contact to send information to multiple departments instantaneously. For corporate environments, iPad in the office can also streamline the conference room with signage for scheduling conference room times or controls for virtual meetings, training or professional presentations, controlling lights/blinds, and much more. 

The Right Accessories Make a Big Difference

No matter what niche your business serves, the right equipment, apps, and accessories are vital to taking maximum advantage of the benefits of iPad integration. The optimal solution for iPad deployment in your business is the right combination of the iPad, applications, and a method to hold, charge, and protect your device(s).

Finding the best iPad case for your business' unique needs may seem like a daunting challenge, but we are here to help! Your business iPads will need to stay held, charged, and protected - that's where IPORT comes in.  Our extensive line of high-quality accessories will provide you with versatile solutions to every situation and make iPad into a stronger business tool. 

To help manage your devices and technology for larger deployments, you can rely on Jamf, an Apple device management solution used by system administrators to configure and automate IT administration tasks for macOS, iOS, and tvOS devices.  Jamf not only configures the perfect foundation for your company, but also manages all updates with ongoing management of devices, anywhere, anytime.

Still on the fence about whether using iPads will help your business streamline and grow?  Contact us today to discuss your business' needs and goals. We've worked with dozens of top corporations, but we specialize in small and medium businesses. We're confident that we can help alleviate a lot of confusion when integrating iPads into your business and help you find the best solutions for all of your needs!