The emergence of new restaurant tech innovations is revolutionizing the restaurant experience for all of us. As such, restaurants have to adapt to these innovations to meet ever-changing customer expectations and improve the restaurant experience. More than ever before, restaurants now have the right tools in place to offer their customers a more personalized service, streamline operations, and increase revenue.

From guest check in to reservation management and payment processing, here's how iPads can help you can run a smooth front end operation for customers and staff alike.

Managing Reservations and Waitlists

Do you still use a pen and paper or a pager system to take reservations? If so, you might quickly lose your spot at the forefront of this highly competitive and rapidly evolving industry. Not only do old fashioned systems cost your restaurant tons of money, but also the much-needed effort and time to better manage your guests.

During the busiest hours, manual reservation management can become pretty complicated, creating more confusion for your staff and guests alike. Making guests wait for long periods for their table will likely make them frustrated and opt to walk away.

iPads empowers hosts to better manage waitlists by using apps such as Hostme that keeps tables turning faster. You also get to manage both your waitlists and reservations more efficiently from a single interface. This, in turn, allows your staff more time and focus needed to work efficiently.

From your iPad, you'll also get to notify your guests once their table is ready by sending a text to their phone. This helps give your guests more freedom to wait wherever they please.

Helps Improve Speed of Service

During peak hours, there's a high likelihood of orders getting missed or delayed. An iPad, however, can easily connect to your restaurant's POS systems, helping your staff spend the least time taking orders. The orders are then automatically sent straight to the kitchen from the iPad, so chefs can instantly start preparing. This incredibly speeds up service as guests get served faster and waiters don't have to run back and forth to the kitchen with each ticket.

iPad payments are also a lot faster and secure compared to waiting for a waiter to return to process payments. Guests also get to enjoy the experience of signing with a swipe of their finger from an intuitive interface. The staff also enjoys the ease of referencing their entire transactions from a single interface.

Versatile Solution

Operating a restaurant can be pretty challenging; you have countless duties, from managing your restaurant's front of house to modifying menus and monitoring kitchen operations. But an iPad allows you to take it from front of house to back of house ensuring seamless coordination and operations. With a restaurant management system in place, your servers will get instant access to customer order history, allergy details, and special occasions – so top-notch service is delivered to every customer, every time.

iPads are portable, durable, and effortlessly replaceable whenever required. Hardware solutions like the IPORT LAUNCH allows you to keep your iPad protected and charged and give iPad a dedicated home at the check-in table or back of shop. The iPad charging case ensures your iPad is always up and running to enhance the speed of service in your restaurant.

Using iPad for restaurant reservation management and internal operations delivers great value by transforming the way they manage reservations, waitlists, order food, and process payments. Through new technological innovations, restaurants empower their staff and minimize overhead costs, enabling them to deliver exceptional dining experiences that get customers coming back.