In recent times, Telehealth has jumped to the forefront in the medical industry and become a popular and often necessary service for patients and their healthcare providers to remain connected. Successfully integrating Telehealth into your healthcare practice requires you to acquire the right tools and programs to make this an attractive and easy to use option for you, your staff, and your patients. The most versatile technology option for your Telehealth practice would be an iPad by Apple; below we will discuss the best uses of the iPad for your overall practice and your Telehealth services.

Compatibility with a Wide Array of Applications

The majority of application developers create their programs with iOS compatibility in mind. Most reputable healthcare applications including those for video conferencing, patient management, record keeping, and billing are built to be used on Apple devices such as an iPad. iPad's are popular tools for patient management and Telehealth due to their compact size, portability, power, and compatibility with most programs used by healthcare providers.

Video Conferencing Capability

Telehealth requires you to establish a connection with patients and colleagues through a reliable device such as an iPad. With just an internet connection and your choice of video conferencing programs, you can interact face to face with your patients, colleagues, and staff. This allows you to maintain that much-needed personal connection combining video with voice capabilities and providing your patients with a high level of care and attention even from a distance.

Patient Management & Record Keeping

An iPad not only allows you to connect with your patients through virtual Telehealth appointments, but it is also a reliable medium to access patient records and pending tasks in a portable manner. With multiple devices, you are able to use one device for video conferencing and an additional device to enter notes, prescriptions, patient information, and follow-up requirements into a number of compatible patient management software applications. This allows you to create a unified healthcare management system that can be accessed by you, your staff, and even your patients if you desire through a patient portal.

Durability & Portability

Carrying around a heavy and awkward laptop from room to room, your office, and home can be tedious and cumbersome. With an iPad you are able to use one device for any number of programs and applications for your practice throughout your day-to-day responsibilities. Use the device for in-office appointments, Telehealth appointments, and to catch up on patient's notes and other office management responsibilities if and when needed.

Keep Your Device Running with a Charging Station & Stand

When using an iPad for your Telehealth practice and beyond, it is vital to ensure you are able to keep your device properly charged and mounted during video appointments when you will need your hands to take notes, write prescriptions, etc. With IPORT’s Charge Case & Stand you are able to charge your device while it is also mounted for video conferencing and other hands-free uses in either landscape or portrait mode. This is one of our most versatile and affordable options that can be integrated into your home, office, and practice with the capability to charge and protect your device wherever a stand is located. Our minimal and sleek design allows the stand to fit in almost anywhere and allows access to all the iPad buttons and features while also providing you the capability of charging up to two additional devices through built-in USB ports on the stand. This is an affordable and flexible option that allows the iPad to be removed from the stand for use at any time you wish and popped back into the station when needed.

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