Mobile learning is one of the greatest new additions to professional training and education. Mobile learning takes professional education out of the classroom and beyond personal mentorship. Through a mobile device, employees can access both the software they need to work and the training materials to learn along the way.

Because of its flexibility, mobile learning has carried along other learning trends that are innovating how people gain skills and become good at their jobs. iPads have taken a particularly prominent role due to the vast app store and flexibility with internal company apps. Platforms like PlayerLync have thrived while employee use of iPads help them to connect to training online from anywhere.

Let's explore some of the many mobile learning trends made possible by personal and workplace iPad and docking stations.

Micro-Learning and Mobile Training

Micro-learning is one of the hottest trends in both online and mobile training. Each lesson is a slice, a fragment of the entire job. Micro-learning lessons can be accessed at a professional's own pace and opened when training or a reminder is necessary. A micro-learning lesson can be anything from a written hint to a recorded video, but it takes very little time to immediately pick up the needed information and learn that step of the workday's tasks.

Self-Paced Learning

With micro-learning comes the ability to self-pace. Modern professionals are more self-managing than previous generations and mobile learning is part of that. An iPad training program can allow your team members to work through the training at their own pace, walking through the tasks and reviewing as necessary. This drastically increases the memory rate and engagement with each lesson.

Virtual Reality Training

It sounds futuristic, but in practice is incredibly practical. A high-end tablet allows your team to run programs that simulate situations, buildings, and processes so that training can happen remotely. Modern rendering apps can create an explorable digital venue down to the smallest detail. AR (augmented reality) programs can look through the camera and provide an altered image. These techniques are essential for training by allowing professionals to explore locations and situations before there is real work or pressure.

Near-Me Interactive Learning

One benefit of an iPad with mounting locations is that employees can take their training device with them as they move. This can continue to provide a guide, reminder, or access to micro-learning lessons while an employee transitions between interacting with the device and working hands-free. An employee taking inventory, for example, can carry the iPad from area to area, then mount the device while products are sorted, scanned, and logged.

With hardware solutions such as the IPORT LAUNCH system, you can have WallStations or BaseStations to charge and mount iPad in numerous locations for easy access at any time.

Voice-Guided Training

Modern mobile apps offer another unique learning opportunity, voice-guided training and routines. From a mounted device, your program can verbally walk employees through recipes and processes that keep their hands full. Combine this with voice response and controls and a mounted iPad can stand in for a training instructor in many situations.

Highly Personalized Learning

The last trend rising in mobile learning is AI-assisted personalization. Using today's big-data technology, algorithms and AIs can sift data to uniquely personalize a training program for each mobile employee. An employee's best and slowest times of day could be calculated and optimized. An employee's medical restrictions or family schedule might be automatically assessed. Even practical estimates of their time to complete tasks can optimize training software through programmatic personalization.

Mobile learning is an incredibly innovative avenue for modern companies. By equipping your team with iPads and integrating mounting stations into the workplace, you can reap all the benefits of mobile learning for both onboarding and in-line training. Contact us today about building your mobile learning and iPad mounting infrastructure.