Integrated learning management systems (LMS) are becoming increasingly popular among organizations and for good reason. Implementation of an LMS allows companies to create and foster a better trained, productive, efficient, and engaging work culture; while simultaneously reducing costs. Let's take a look at why learning management systems combined with iPad for employee training is advantageous to your business.

Cost-Effective and Time Saving

The use of an LMS reduces your company's overall operational costs.

Reduce the Cost of Training Employees

With all training materials available on your company's LMS, you do not have to worry about the cost of an instructor to conduct the training, printing training packets, and scheduling a facility to conduct the training. Instead, employees are able to access all training materials directly from company iPads, saving a great deal of money on the training of employees.

Provide the Most Up-to-Date Content

It takes time and money to update training materials, protocols, and policies and then distribute the updated materials to each employee. Up-to-date content is especially important when it pertains to compliance regulations. With the use of an LMS platform such as PlayerLync, you can easily update any materials and push the latest updates to all of your employees at one time. This makes it easier to ensure that every employee has access to all of the information they need, anytime they need it.

Employees Can Learn at Their Own Pace

In-person training sessions can be inefficient because they force every employee to learn at the same rate. Each employee is different. Some will need longer than set aside training sessions to master new skills. Others will pick up new concepts much quicker. Completing training modules through an LMS integrated with iPad allows employees to complete training courses at their own pace, ensuring each employee gets the most out of each session.

Ability to Reference Materials

It can be hard for employees, especially new members of your team to remember how to carry out every task according to protocol. Utilizing an LMS allows you to upload content that employees can reference whenever they need too. Examples include recipes, folding linens, checking in guests, ordering supplies, etc. Having a reference library, available at your employees' fingertips reduces the number of unintentional, yet costly errors made.

Provide a Modern Learning Experience

The integration of an LMS with an iPad provides a modern learning experience for your staff that is more engaging. You can upload interactive content such as quizzes, games, and videos. This content can be updated in real-time to ensure that your employees have the best content available at all times.

View Analytics in Real-Time

Understanding what is happening with your business as it is happening is crucial to making the best decisions possible. Using an integrated LMS gives you the ability to see how your employees are performing in real-time. For instance, you can use checklists to monitor the status of tasks and understand how efficient each employee is right from your iPad screen. This gives you the information that you need to determine which processes are working well, which ones need adjusting as well as which employees are performing well, and which ones may need a little more guidance.

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