Many apps available on the Apple App Store for iPad are developed to help make your professional lives easier. Popular virtual meeting apps like Zoom and booking apps like EventBoard are just some of the iPad apps that when integrated into your business can improve those aspects significantly. To make these apps accessible to everyone in your company, you may want to find ways to seamlessly add iPads to your workplace. Here are some of the ways you can accomplish that goal.

Use an iPad as a Dedicated Zoom Kiosk

Zoom is an app that many people are now using every day. Zoom has helped provide hundreds of thousands of virtual meetings worldwide. Schools, offices, deskless workers and more are taking advantage of the technology that Zoom provides. Specifically, in the boardroom, Zoom has become the most popular app to control those meetings. One way to better integrate zoom into your conference room is by pairing the iPad with IPORT’s LUXE products. The LUXE comes in several charging and docking options like the WallStation and BaseStation. Each of these product types can help you accomplish Zoom integration much more effectively. The LUXE products can hold, charge, protect, and secure your iPads so you never have to worry about not being prepared for your next Zoom meeting. In addition, the aesthetics of our LUXE products look great in even the highest end of offices.

Use an iPad For Wall-Mounted Digital Signage

iPad applications such as EventBoard can help keep your office running efficiently by allowing employees to book and sign into conference room meetings. It is becoming more common to see offices utilize digital signing when it comes to checking in to a meeting or scheduling a room to hold a meeting. Using an application like EventBoard in conjunction with our iPad Wall Mount called Surface Mount can help make digital signing a quick and easy solution. With the iPad mounted on the wall next to a conference room door, employees can use the dedicated conference room scheduling app to reserve time slots and sign into the meetings when it begins.

Run a Restaurant with a Dedicated iPad App

Many restaurants today are starting to take advantage of the features that a dedicated iPad can provide. OpenTable is an app that is used by thousands of restaurants as an easy and effective way to manage reservations. The app offers guest management, fast table management, waitlist and reservation solutions, POS integration, and more. In combination with the previously mentioned IPORT LUXE products, especially the BaseStation, restaurants are easily able to use an iPad to help run the service. The restaurant hosts are able to lock the iPad to the LUXE and use the dedicated app to access all the app features while keeping the device protected, charged, and secured. In the event that the host needs to remove the iPad to bring it elsewhere in the restaurant, that is easily done as well. Some restaurants are even using dedicated apps to train employees on how to make the food, order the ingredients, and other essential restaurant tasks.

Using a dedicated iPad app in the workplace is becoming the norm in many industries. Office workers, restaurant workers, deskless workers, and many more are able to do their jobs more effectively when given an iPad to use as a tool. Being able to hold, charge, protect, secure, and mount your business's iPads in convenience locations around the workplace can help your company's productivity significantly. If you've decided that an iPad would work great in workplace, check out our iPad stands, mounts, and holders to enhance your iPad as a professional business deployment solution.