Technology has changed the way retail runs by creating more customer engagement on the floor and more efficiency in operations. With retailers getting more and more involved in e-commerce, the use of iPads and iPhones are becoming more popular with the complete access to all store information at all times. The iPad is the ultimate device for the innovative stores that want to improve the experience for both the employees and customers. Some of the ways this innovation can be done with an iPad are through inventory tracking, customer service, surveys, and point of sale.

Inventory Tracking:

With the correct application, iPads can be used to track inventory to keep it constantly updated and organized throughout your store operations. All inventory will always be efficiently managed through the application with fewer errors because all inventory your information is saved and always available to store employees. If your employee is in the back of the store checking an item for a customer, the process is much faster, allowing your employees to assist customers quicker.

As iPads are utilized for inventory tracking, the LaunchPort Rugged System by IPORT can keep your iPad charged and protected throughout the workday as employees are using it and securely placed on an iPad mount when not in use.

Customer Experience:

 iPads can also improve and modernize the way your customers interact with brand content and learn about your products.  By implementing opt-in programs for subscriptions, reward/loyalty programs, or personal profiles that store customer data, information on your customer can be easily accessed and streamlined anywhere in your store.

With the iPad being mobile, it can be taken anywhere around the store for easy access to information and use.

iPad can also be utilized as a kiosk to show customers available products, brand information, or additional enhanced content like videos or lifestyle photography.  With retail software like Kiosker, you can transform iPad into a fully featured fullscreen web kiosk in just one step.  Kiosker allows yo to create a beautiful interactive product guide and customer experience.  Simple enhancements like this makes the overall shopping experience enjoyable and easy for your customer because sales associates can provide them with the desired product and the location.


A great way to be more interactive with your customers and improves your retail operations is to give customers quick surveys with your iPad on a survey app of your choosing. There are many iPad wireless charging systems, and Table Mount by IPORT can help secure, charge, and protect your iPad while being used for the surveys. This can be kept at the entrance of the store or at the checkout counter so customers can complete it at their convenience.

The surveys should be short and simple asking about their overall experience in the store. These surveys can help inform you of what you need to improve on and continue doing throughout store management and customer service. Knowing what your customers what, is the best way toward success.

Point of Sale:

iPads have become the new modern register for most retail stores and has improved the overall process of POS in efficiency and speed. As a matter of fact, iPad POS systems are more affordable than traditional systems which are more cost effective for your store. This system is more user-friendly for both the customer and employees with the visual product images on the screen after easy scanning, efficient card scanning, and signing pad. From weighing products, printing receipts, updating inventory, and tracking sales, the iPad POS system can do it all to help streamline your check-out process.


When using iPads for inventory tracking, customer service, store surveys and POS, you are creating a more organized and interactive environment for your retail store. iPads are a great source to take advantage of in retail, so if you have not already, get your store iPads to improve your overall operations and management.