Technology and voice commands are becoming more and more popular in homes, creating a new trend of Smart Homes. A Smart Home is a home that utilizes one or more "smart systems" assisting the majority of automation in your home. Having a reliable and user-friendly smart home system like Apple® HomeKit, allows you to operate your system through an iOS device, like your iPad®, and utilize Siri for voice commands. The iPad creates a smart home hub that is simple and easy with all controls under one device.

Some Smart Home Devices You Can Control with Your iPad:

There are many smart home devices you can automate with you Apple HomeKit iPad through the "Home" app on your iPad. Some of them include controlling your lights and music.


With smart light bulbs installed in your home, all switch controls can be seamlessly operated on one iPad instead of individual light switches through your home. You do not have to worry about manually turning on and off each light in different rooms, instead, you can stay in one central place in your home and have control of your entire light systems with a touch of a button or asking Siri.


Music is an essential complement to the activities of day-to-day life. Add to that the simplicity of a control device like the iPad, and everyday activities become even more enjoyable. With an iPad and a network connected music source, you can control your music from anywhere in your home. One elegant speaker solution for inside the home is a Sonance Visual Performance in-ceiling speaker system. With the right wireless audio source, this music system will pair easily with your HomeKit, creating a balanced, high-performance listening experience throughout your home. 

When playing music outdoors, the Sonarray SR1 System by Sonance will create quality sound for entertaining guests in your backyard. Control your outdoor system from wherever your wireless network can reach (inside or outside) all from your iPad. All the music for each living area is controlled on one iPad, making your listening easy and stress-free without fumbling with multiple control devices.

Why iPad?

iPad is the ideal device to manage your Apple HomeKit because it creates the process of controlling your HomeKit seamlessly from a dedicated use tablet. Also, the iPad is a familiar and user-friendly device that allows for easy operations which many individuals know how to use. When you designate an iPad to only manage your HomeKit, it can stay in the home at all times and your "Home" app settings will stay the same. If you were to use your iPhone or AppleWatch instead, you may mess up the settings with your personal operations. Plus, if your control device is left in your home then it will always be connected to your Wifi and easily found.

Hardware Solution: 

To complete your Apple HomeKit setup, you need to make sure that your iPad is held, charged and, protected in your home with the best iPad case. There are excellent hardware solutions from IPORT that will blend in with the aesthetics of your home perfectly. Surface Mount is an iPad mount which allows you to mount your iPad on any wall or solid surface in your home creating a stationary home for your iPad ensuring it is held, charged and protected. This option is perfect if you don't plan on moving your iPad and want one central place for managing your HomeKit, plus it will never get misplaced! 

Another solution is IPORT LUXE which is a movable option and can be taken anywhere throughout your home while still being protected. This solution is an iPad wireless charging stand that gives you a portable option for your iPad while giving you a sleek and elegant look to add to your home. Whether you want your iPad mounted on a wall of your choice for your convenience or a removable option to charge and protect your iPad, IPORT has you covered. 


Your Apple HomeKit, iPad, and correct hardware solution will complete your smart home to create an easy and user-friendly experience. Apple HomeKit is an impeccable technology that should be taken advantage and will ensure your smart devices are secure and private where you will always have full control.