The hospitality industry has always striven to stay at the cutting-edge of luxury service. Your hotel guests deserve the very best and to please them, you will do anything that can be streamlined and improve hotel guest experience. While mobile technology has been available for decades, only recently has it become so beautifully streamlined and secured that hotels can now include sleek iPad tablets in the luxury hospitality experience. Not just for the guests, but for staff and hotel management as well.

All you need is the right "tech stack" to make it work. With the right software to provide the best service and the right hardware to protect and charge tablets in the hospitality experience, your hotel can reach the cutting-edge of luxury service.

Providing In-Room iPads

Intelity Hospitality Platform | Hotels are already focusing on innovating the mobile experience with app-driven reservations and services to improve guest experience. Intelity provides a complete guest experience platform ready to transform a beautiful-yet-common iPad into the ultimate tool for in-room control. In a modern hotel room, guests may have the ability to control their smart thermostats, dim or change the lights, and control their big-screen smart TVs.

Of course, in-room mobile services go far beyond just the room itself. With Intelity and an in-room iPad, guests can order room service, manage their reservations, communicate with the front desk, and book hotel services. All from the comfort of their room, if they so choose.

LuxePort by IPORT | The other piece of this luxury upgrade is an iPad wireless charging station that overcomes all previous hurdles in providing mobile service as an in-room amenity. IPORT has been honing the ultimate iPad protection and induction charging design, culminating in the LuxePort. This sleek commercial iPad stand looks beautiful in any hotel room design and combines with a special case to keep iPads safe and eliminates the need for a charging cable.

With the LuxePort, the in-room iPads provided for each guest will be able to firmly magnetically mount to the stand and inductively charge without any additional cables that can potentially be lost, stolen, or exposed to wear and tear. The stand even includes two additional USB charging ports for the guests' personal USB devices as well.

Streamlining Lobby Check-In

Even better, the Intelity and IPORT tech combination isn't just a luxury experience for in-room services. This technology stack can be used to innovate every aspect of guest experiences and hotel management. Luxeport iPad charge case and stand mounted on your front desk can be used to provide a truly innovative and cutting-edge check-in process. Guests will marvel at the sudden transformation from the standard flat-screen workstation to a sleek silver iPad. Start a new sentence starting with "With the iPad and software, they can handle their own check-in or tap the amenities and services they'd most like included in their stay.

Facilities and Staff Management 

Last but certainly not least, Intelity goes beyond improving the hotel guest experience to revolutionize the back-end of hotel management as well. Intelity for Staff is a specialized software designed to give you data-driven insights on customer desires and the touch-activated ability to quickly adjust your staff and services. From a manager's perspective, you can keep track of statistics on everything your guests are doing through their Intelity guest portals while sending messages to your staff and curating the guest experience with your back-end insights.

Staff can use the platform to receive mobile updates about requested services, supply needs, special customer needs. 

Just as management can send messages and updates to the staff, you can also create opportunities and push promotional messages to the iPads of each guest. If there is a special dessert that is experiencing lower than expected demand, let all guests know that it is half-off with any room service dinner. If the spa is looking a little empty, send a special promotion to all couples staying together that night.

As for the hardware, IPORT has a variety of both luxury and heavy-duty mounting and protection options allowing iPads to become the primary control devices for your entire hotel once purchased in a single bulk order


The technology combination is finally here to bring luxury mobile control to the hospitality industry. When you combine both the Intelity hospitality management software and IPORT luxury iPad mounting and charging systems, your hotel will become the shining example of cutting-edge hospitality that all other hotels will aspire to match.