Technology has taken over almost all aspects of corporate business, making them faster and smarter in every way possible. One segment that has created great improvements and advancements for corporate business are visitor management systems, which help improve employee experience. These are software-based security platforms that allow corporations to track visitors, enforce protocols and compliance, and grant access to locations in the building. More and more we are seeing iPads become the device of choice to run visitor management systems. Here are some ways to enhance the iPad with both the best software and hardware, to make the most robust and efficient visitor management system it can be.

Proxyclick Software:

There are many iPad business apps and softwares to choose from. A reliable software solution is Proxyclick, which is a cloud-based software that manages your visitors, from invitation to check out. This is a great way to help run a smooth reception area that your visitors, receptionists, hosts, IT and security will all love. Proxyclick transforms the way people are welcomed in corporate offices across the world by sending visitors a friendly text or email before their visit, notifying hosts of visitor arrivals in real time, and even issuing badges on demand. This is a way of how to improve workplace experience for all your employees.

First Impression Matters:

To help make that first impression stick, the software allows you to customize your front desk check-in to suit your company’s needs. With this, the system is unique to your company, so it runs smoothly with your current corporate process and image. This tailored, seamless interface will help people remember your corporation as a modern, innovative workplace that’s aware of the latest technology and improving the experience of clients and guests.

Hardware Solution:

In order for your visitor management system to be complete, Table Mount from IPORT is a great solution as an iPad charging case to secure, charge, and protect your iPad while displayed in common areas throughout your facility. Table Mount is also a sleek and beautiful product, contributing to a visitor’s first impression of modern sophistication and professionalism.

This iPad mount and enclosure keeps the iPad locked if need be, always charging and fully protected. With the added benefit of IPORT’s PoE accessory, the Table Mount allows the iPad to be hardwired to internet, using just one Cat5. This will alleviate any need to rely on WiFi for communication to the iPad.


Setting up the best visitor management system for your corporate business is a smart and simple way to create an innovative and efficient process between your employees and your visitors and creates a forward-thinking impression of your workplace. With the help of software like Proxyclick, and the correct hardware solution, your system will be unstoppable while improving employee experience with a user-friendly system. By combining the best software and hardware, you are able to deliver the best first impression.