If you aren't currently utilizing the iPad to increase productivity for your business, you're seriously missing out. iPads connect employees to important information quickly and easily and are a simple way to create efficiencies in the workplace and improve employee experience. If the only issues stopping your company from making the leap to an iPad-centered corporate space is the stress of keeping them charged, undamaged, or accessible, IPORT has your solution. Our products, like our iPad charging cases, combine the best of both worlds by offering solutions to hold, charge, and protect the iPad wherever your employees take them… in order to take your company to the next level.

Here are some great examples:

1. Convenient Lobby Check-In

From the moment clients arrive, they'll be greeted with a delightful, welcoming message or customized screen of your choice. The software or iPad business apps chosen can be used to handle all guest sign-ins, notification of arrivals, and allow a simple and smooth arrival for all of your visitors. The elegant IPORT Table Mount iPad wireless changing station will give your office and iPad a beautiful, modern transformation! Receptionists, security, and the IT team will also love this upgrade, since it will decrease their workload.

2. Conference Room Signage

iPads are quickly becoming a staple in corporate offices, especially when mounted with best iPad wall mount on any solid surface near or in conference rooms. With the assistance of IPORT products, employees will enjoy up-to-date information including calendar scheduling, digital signage, daily agendas, and/or room management. Best of all, IPORT will keep the iPad secure, charged, protected, and hardwired to all of your important data while still using the iPad for business productivity.

3. Invest in Amazing Software

Business is driven by iPad business apps. The optimal solution for iPad deployments in business is the combination of the iPad, applications, and the method to hold, charge, and protect the device. Proxyclick is cloud-based software that manages your visitors from the moment they're invited to visit your office to check-out. Talk about a terrific first impression! It's fully customizable and will show that your business is modern and innovative.

“By combining the best software with top-notch hardware, you're delivering a definite "wow" factor.”— Gregory Blondeau, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Proxyclick

First impressions are everything, so make sure your company stands out from the crowd.

4. Conference Room Control

Ask anyone who has experienced a well-wired, connected conference room and they will confirm that the smart use of iPads were a main feature. Paired with user-friendly, amazing software, businesses can use an iPad for digital signage or room management just outside the door, in-room video/audio conferences, webinars, collaborations, even control of the room environment, like lighting and temperature. LuxePort offers a great way to mount the iPad on any solid surface or a beautiful tabletop stand for a modern look and adjustable viewing angles, all while charging and protecting the device and given the best iPad conference room display.

5. Streamline Devices Effortlessly

Rather than the IT department handling each individual device when issues arise, iPads for corporate use can be configured automatically on a large scale. IT can push out apps or updates directly to all devices leaving them with more time to handle bigger problems. Employees can also personalize their company iPads by adding the business apps they need and use most. Set your employees up with a beautiful, thin iPad Charge Case and Stand so they're always easily located, protected, charged and ready.

iPads can help your employees solve problems, increase productivity, and collaborate more effectively. IPORT, a great business iPad case, can protect and charge these devices, preventing loss or theft, and do it all with great design that can even boost trust in your business, from internal morale to impressing important clients. Bottom line - iPad and IPORT together is a smart investment.