Corporate software is changing the way that you work. When you want convenience, a boost in productivity, and the ability to do more than ever, it's all about finding the right software. Particularly when you invest in iPads, you can have them when and where you need them the most.  By implementing the right iPad business apps, you can gain a number of benefits.

Teem is a space scheduling and workplace analytics platform by WeWork. It works as a meeting room booking system as well as provides a number of intelligent tools to help you optimize your resources. This ensures that you can work more effectively with your people, your locations, and technology.

Room Scheduling

Teem makes it possible for employees to reserve meeting rooms. With the right hardware, you can mount an iPad outside of each meeting room as digital signage that displays who booked it or what the event is. It makes it easy for employees and guests to know where they go for a meeting. It also prevents rooms from being overbooked.

The program makes updates in real-time, ensuring that room scheduling information is streamlined and everyone in the office will know what is scheduled and where. Further, the iPad wall mount provides an extra level of convenience because no one has to print out signs and place them on the meeting room doors.

Surface Mount by IPORT provides a way to elegantly mount iPad to any surface or door frame, keeping it always charged, protected and hardwired to data, providing employees with with up-to-date information.

Check-in/Room Signage

To further streamline business operations, you can also utilize corporate software and hardware to welcome visitors with a simple and elegant experience from the moment they enter your building.  From guest sign-in, to notifying employees of guest arrival, IPORT products allow you to run a smooth reception with your software of choice that your visitors, receptionist, IT and security will love.

With teem, guests can check-in for a meeting with the iPad while protected in the wireless charging station and then a notification will be pushed to the employee letting them know their guest has arrived. This simple step can improve the employee experience and ensure that everyone stays on schedule.

You want to make sure to make a great first impression with guests inside of your office, which is all the more reason to greet everyone with an elegant iPad. It will simplify the check-in process and make it easy for everyone to get started.

By using an iPad for digital signage, it also helps to streamline everything. If the name of an event changes or you have to make last-minute changes, the iPads can be updated remotely rather than sending someone around frantically with different pieces of paper.

Table Mount by IPORT is another hardware solution that also serves as an iPad charging case. The iPad will mount to a table or desk to serve as a greeter to all incoming guests. It offers the professional look that you desire without having to worry about the iPad losing its charge halfway through the check-in process

With so many different iPad business apps becoming available, you can find the ones that can make an impact on your operations. Once you deploy the software within your business, you can look to us at IPORT to find the hardware that can make everything easier and more professional.

Take greater command of your business operations with iPad holders, chargers, and protectors that conveniently mount to walls, counters, tables, and more. Your employees will find them easy to use and your clients will be impressed by your attention to detail.