As many businesses across all industries are discovering, the iPad is more than just a personal tablet - it's a valuable professional tool that can help streamline many aspects of running a business. Portable, powerful, and endlessly customizable, iPads are being used in enterprise settings, hospitality, and more. Restaurants should take advantage of the many benefits iPads can offer. In order for restaurants to run efficiently and provide the best customer and employee satisfaction, they need technology like iPads to help them succeed.

To ensure that iPads for restaurants are optimized to their best ability, IPORT products can be used to help transform the iPad into the best enterprise grade tool. With this integration, from the moment the guest walks through the restaurant doors, staff will have access to important internal resources in the restaurant business. If iPads for restaurants use IPORT products to hold, charge and protect, then improvements will show in restaurant operations and the overall employee and customer experience. The following components are ways of how to improve restaurant experience and operations:


As guests arrive for check-in at a restaurant, welcoming them with a modern digital experience will set a good first impression from the moment they walk in the door. When an iPad is used for guest check-in, it ensures a seamless experience for the guest with a professional and organized process. IPORT LUXE has an iPad wireless charging station that can help make the check-in process easy and efficient.

An iPad can also assist in the process of reservations and seating management. When reservations and seating systems are managed digitally on an iPad, employees have access to the information at all times in an organized and user-friendly setting. This reduces the risks of miscommunication, errors with reservations, or inefficient seating management. With an iPad case for restaurants created by IPORT LAUNCH, restaurants can run a smooth front operation for customers and staff alike.


Keep your staff up-to-date with digitized documentations, internal notifications, and video training with the utilization of iPads in the process of training restaurant employees. From the convenience of an iPad, restaurant trainers have access to Learning Management Systems like PlayerLync which gives them access to the education and resources they need to deliver an exceptional customer experience. With the assistance of IPORT LAUNCH, staff has the ability to take an iPad with them on the floor to view trainings and push real-time updates to management, all while ensuring your iPad is charged and protected. When the iPad is not in use, then there is an iPad wall mount the iPad can be placed on. Staff can benefit immensely from having such immediate access to trainings and notes, and managers can easily record employee observations to improve their management system overall.


For some restaurants, uploading menus on iPads helps streamline their customer experience to become more user-friendly, and allows easy access to consistently update menus with any edits or changes. Using an elegant IPORT Table Mount product provides an iPad menu with a sleek and sophisticated touch. Specific system software programs can be installed for customer payments to improve restaurant operations.


Restaurants can utilize an iPad to manage all internal operations from time card management to inventory. With IPORT products, an iPad mount is created, and it can be installed in a convenient location for employees to clock in and out. IPORT products also allow employees the mobility to use iPads to take notes, documentation, and handle inventory record-keeping, ensuring the iPad is charged and protected.

By digitizing operations processes, restaurants can ensure that all of their key information is secure, accurate, and organized. Records are saved instantly and can be used to generate useful reports. Using paper notes and records requires more time to analyze, plus the risk of documentation being misplaced.

However you plan to use iPads in your restaurant, IPORT can help incorporate this technology seamlessly into your existing operations. They are flexible and sleek and allow iPads to be securely mounted on many surfaces with reliable charging or be carried on the floor. Our products let you explore the many ways iPads can improve the restaurant experience and find ways to improve restaurant operations.