Making sure things run smoothly is a key part of success in the hospitality industry. As much as guests might be impressed with a hotel's appearance and amenities, what they really want is a stay where everything they need is at their fingertips. When your information and resources are readily available at all times, it is guaranteed that it will improve hotel guest experience.

Using configurable devices like iPads with the assistance of IPORT products, like iPad charging cases, for hotel and hospitality management can go a long way toward improving overall efficiency and improve hotel guest experience. From customer-facing applications like check-in and in-room services to behind-the-scenes facilities management, the versatile iPad is a powerful tool for the hospitality industry and a top recommendation to improve hotel services.

Lobby Check-In

IPORT provides hardware solutions to ensure your iPad is always protected and charged so guests have a seamless experience from the moment they walk through the door. One way to improve check-in efficiency is to have a standalone iPad display available for self-check-in, while guests who need more assistance can get staff assistance at the desk. iPad hotel check-in software frees up staff to help the guests who need it most, while those who are comfortable handling check-in on their own can get through the process more quickly.

iPads in the lobby can also be used for additional signage or interactive information kiosks, where guests can learn about nearby attractions or see important hotel announcements. With the right mounting solution and iPad charging case, like the Table Mount, iPads can be securely and tastefully mounted for any lobby application while connecting better with hotel guests and staff.

In-Room Options

An iPad can also be useful for in-room guest services, like ordering room service or controlling TV programming. With software like DigiValet, and hardware like the Surface Mount by IPORT, you can elegantly mount iPad on a wall or solid surface so guests can access the information they need anytime from a dedicated in-room tablet. For an option that includes extra charging power, iPad Charge Case and Stand has two additional USB ports that allows guests to charge their personal devices. The iPad in hotel rooms will overall improve the hotel guest experience.

Conference Room Signage

With the ability to instantly update any schedule changes or other information, iPad signage makes perfect sense for conference rooms. An iPad can also be used as an interactive room scheduler and can display a directory to help conference attendees find their way around the hotel or conference center.

With an elegant mounting solution like the Surface Mount, your iPad can blend in seamlessly with hotel décor with a reliable iPad wall mount.

Facilities Management

One of the top advantages of using iPads for hospitality management is their portability. With the right mounting solution, an iPad can be kept charged and ready for staff to take on service calls and other tasks. This allows them to take notes that can instantly be saved, sent, or organized and ensures that key information doesn't fall through the cracks. Hotel service apps can be managed with the iPad so employees can be connected to real-time information. With more information at their fingertips, staff can coordinate services and solutions more efficiently. A portable digital tool can also help with timecard control and housekeeping management.

For facilities applications, an iPad rugged case like the LaunchPort Rugged System keeps the iPad charged when it's not in use and protects it when it's on the go.

Guest Experience Analysis

Using iPads can also help hotel managers keep tabs on their guests' experience and make changes to improve their strategies. When staff are carrying iPads, they can instantly record guest comments or make their own observations when they see room for improvement. Guests can be encouraged to fill out surveys on their in-room iPads or on lobby kiosks. Research has shown that companies that use "voice of the customer" data tend to have higher revenue growth, better employee satisfaction, and increased customer retention. Capturing many kinds of customer feedback is important and using iPads can allow hotels to access more insight into customer opinions, experiences, and behavior. This will help you determine how to make guest happy in your hotel.