smart home is simply a home that uses one or more "smart" systems but these days, that can mean almost anything. So many choices! But no matter your style or system, having a home doesn't mean you have to use several new controllers with a steep learning curve. Using an iPad® as a smart home hub can make operating your smart home as simple as flipping a light switch.

 Why dedicate iPad for home control?

  • iPad is a familiar device that offers an operating system that many know how to use
  • With multi-app support, you can create an experience that brings all the things you love into one control system

What are the best smart home ideas? 

Start by identifying the experiences you love most in your home. When and why do you turn on a favorite playlist? What time of day do you come home from work? What rooms do you love the most, spend the most time in? After all, this isn’t about technology for technology’s sake. It’s about making your home “smarter” in the ways that make the most sense for you.


With a connected device and Bluetooth speakers, you can control your music from anywhere in your house by using your iPad. It's a great feature to have for parties, but also works when you want to listen to music while cooking or cleaning - you can make your music selections without having to constantly go back into another room.


Smart light bulbs replace standard bulbs to create a lighting system that you control with an app on your iPad, rather than through individual light switches. This type of lighting system makes it easy to automate lighting (like setting your front porch lights to turn on at dusk), change light temperatures throughout the day (which can help with concentration and healthy sleep), and even create fun room scenes with different colors.


When your security cameras are networked, you have more control over what they see and record. You can make sure they're working even if you're away on vacation, and some have alert systems to let you know when they detect sound or movement. Your home's security alarm can also be part of a smart security system, and you can use your iPad to manage your home security.

Climate Control

Smart thermostats are a way for homeowners to save money, be more environmentally responsible, and still keep their home at a comfortable temperature. Depending on how your home's HVAC system is set up, you may be able to set each room's temperature independently so that you're not heating the whole house when you only need the living room. You can automate temperature settings and have precise control over your heating and cooling with your iPad.

An iPad Hub

Once you have your smart devices installed and configured, how can you easily control all of your smart home systems? We recommend using a single iPad as your "command center" for your smart home. By having one central hub for your smart home, everyone in your household can easily learn how to manage all of the systems.

Combining an iPad with Apple HomeKit means you can have all of your smart devices, even those with different manufacturers, on one central smart home hub. And products like the Surface Mount and LuxePort from IPORT make mounting and charging your iPad a breeze while keeping it accessible in a dedicated space in your home. 

Surface Mount allows you to elegantly mount your iPad on a wall in any room or multiple rooms so your device is always charged and never misplaced. LuxePort allows greater portability, with options for removable or stationary charging stations so your iPad can easily go from your kitchen counter to your bedroom wall.

With an iPad hub for your smart home, your systems are all within reach as soon as you walk in the door. You could choose to mount your iPad right by the front entrance, so that your lights, temperature controls, and music are all within reach and single-touch control as soon as you walk in the door. Or you could use LuxePort stations to keep your iPad not only within reach but looking elegant on a sleek, wireless stand while cooking in the kitchen, relaxing on your couch, or getting ready for bed.  

No matter where you choose to place your iPad, IPORT has you covered by delivering high-end finishes and aesthetics that help iPad be as useful as it should be in a well-integrated home.