In the hospitality industry, exceptional client experience is the secret sauce to satisfied guests, who leave happy and will return often.

In this digital era, in-room amenities have rapidly evolved from black and white TVs and pay-by-the-minute phones to big-screened, ultra-thin TVs, high-speed WiFi connections, and concierge services accessible at your fingertips.

Given the amount of time people spend on their iPads, and the convenience it offers, it is no surprise that the hospitality industry has embraced the growing trend of in-room technology such as iPads to enhance the customer experience.

A recent study showed that 82% of hotels guests with iPads and other tablets in their rooms, use them at least 11 times to order housekeeping, wake-up calls, and for room service among others.

This demonstrates a dramatic shift from the traditional method of hotel operation, in which clients received services through centralized and non-interactive systems.

And most luxury hotels are choosing iPads over other tablets because they have stood the test of time, the iOS platform is familiar to many, and adding such technology can add a five star feature to the hotel.


To Request Room Service and Housekeeping

If the guests need breakfast, more towels, or any other service, they can order with just a simple touch from the iPad using software such as AirService.

In room iPads have come to replace devices such as telephone, thermostat, TV remote control, and lighting control. Now your clients can make dinner reservations, book spa treatments, excursions, or order room service from their device, which helps reduce calls for concierge services, saves you money, and more importantly provides your guest with comfort and ease of access.

In-room Hotel Information

Hotels are increasingly moving away from printed materials and moving more towards automated updates to software. Doing this allows hotels to send each guest targeted information based on their likes, past behaviors, and ensure all information coming to them is beneficial and will enhance their stay.

Guest Feedback and Reviews

In this age, most consumers prefer social proof, and that's why hotels need to gather more credible positive customer reviews while maintaining outstanding guest satisfaction.

Most hotels still use the conventional guest satisfaction questionnaire for the clients to fill at their convenience when checking out. However, only a few guests bother to fill out the form.

But using interactive digital satisfaction profiling using an iPad, most hotels have a high chance of getting a review.

For instance, hotels can strategically mount iPads in the bar, lobby or restaurant, where the guests are not on the move or in a rush. This way, you take advantage of the time factor since most clients are more likely to interact with the iPads. It also shows your guests that you value them as their opinions.

Through this service, it's possible to get positive review and informative feedback that may help improve your services.

Mitigating Risk and Driving Additional Revenue

With many hotels adopting the new technology, you will find an iPad in each room.  According to Schwartz, theft is very rare since the iPads are locked down so they can only work with hotel services, and the guests are also informed that in case they damage or misplace the iPad, the hotel will charge them.


It is important to ensure that your in-room device is always protected and charged, and that's where IPORT comes in. IPORT makes solutions that keep iPad wireless charged and mounted in aesthetically pleasing enclosures that will blend in with the design of your rooms.

With the right software to enhance your guest experience, and hardware to ensure it stays functional, you are sure to leave a lasting impression with guests.