The world is becoming increasingly mobile. You can now buy many products on mobile apps, bank straight from your phone, and even pay with your mobile device. There is no doubt that advances in mobile technology have added convenience to our day-to-day lives. Mobile devices such as the iPad can even improve the efficiency of running your business. This is your guide on how to use iPad for your business.

Track Your Finances

Thanks to financial business apps such as QuickBooks, you are able to keep track of the finances of your business right from your iPad. Since iPad is portable, you have access to crucial financial information at your fingertips no matter where you are in the world. 

Increase the Lines of Communication

Use iPad to keep the lines of communication open with your team. Apps such as Slack allow your team to chat, message and even hold video chats, and conference calls right from your iPad. Join in on the conversation whether you are in a different room or a different country.

Check-in Guests

The use of an iPad to check-in guests is extremely convenient and efficient. Whether your business is a restaurant, hotel, bank or another type of business in the service industry, your host is not tied to one location but can rather approach guests as they enter the establishment to make sure they are checked-in and do not slip through the cracks. 

You can also transform iPad into a stationary kiosk and allow guests to check themselves in!

Conference Room Management

iPad can help you manage the use of conference rooms. There isn't anything more frustrating for you or your staff than to either have double-booked a conference room or for those attending to not know which room their meeting is being held in. You can dedicate iPad as conference room signage so staff can see which rooms are available and which meetings are being held where. 

Portable Presentations

With the use of a VGA adapter and the required software, there's no need to carry around a bulky laptop. You can store and cast your presentation from your iPad.

Access Company Emails 

iPad has the ability to support email systems on a variety of platforms. You do not have to worry about waiting until you can get back to your office or laptop to check on and respond to time-sensitive business emails. With a large display screen and the supporting software, you can read and reply to emails directly from your iPad.

Mobile Calendar

More likely than not, you aren't at your desk often enough to make a paper calendar efficient. With iPad and the necessary apps, you can create multiple calendars. For instance, you can have a business calendar that alerts you to upcoming meetings and deadlines. You can also have a shared calendar among your team, to make sure every person is aware of upcoming company events, meetings, and project deadlines. 

Accessories are Key!

In order to truly make iPad an asset to your business, you need the right accessories. Supporting software is crucial for carrying out the functions necessary to operate your business. You also need physical accessories to make iPad fit your needs.

IPORT offers the accessories necessary to make iPad an asset to your business, guests, and team. Let mobile technology work for you and your business! IPORT understands that you need to protect your investment, so the line offers anything from removable to stationary solutions, ensuring your device is always wirelessly charged and protected for any business use. Check out the IPORT hardware solutions here