When it comes to running a successful restaurant, there are many different components to take into consideration. You must make sure your guests have a great experience, inventory is tracked, checklists are completed, and much more. This all comes down to making sure your employees are properly trained. This can be a challenging task if you are operating just one restaurant. If you have multiple locations, you need a way to streamline the process. Using iPad for employee training will help make sure every employee across all restaurant locations receives proper training in an efficient manner.

Access to a Resource Library

When you use iPad with a performance software solution such as Jolt, you can offer employees a resource library. This a central hub that every employee can visit to access information on how to perform certain job duties such as using a piece of equipment or referencing recipes. If employees have easy access to the information they need, they are less likely to cut corners or skip important tasks altogether.

Instructional Videos

Videos are one of the most useful employee training tools available, especially for new hires. They are also great for current employees who need a refresher or are learning a new position within the restaurant. Having all instructional videos uploaded to iPad through Jolt will ensure your employees can access them as needed. For instance, you can offer how-to videos on how to properly clean kitchen equipment, prepare recipes, and perform other essential job functions. 

Incorporate Digital Checklists

Use iPad to incorporate digital checklists that employees must complete at designated times such as shift changes. Going paperless allows other employees and management to be able to more easily see which tasks have been completed and by which employee. This makes it easier to track if tasks are being completed properly and identify areas where retraining might be necessary.

Timely Internal Notifications

Easily and quickly push internal notifications using iPad paired with Jolt to alert employees across all restaurant locations simultaneously with important information. This could be anything from shipment notifications, operational changes, staffing schedules and more! 

Improved Management Visibility

Managers and owners can better understand how each restaurant is operating and employee performance from a single platform. Analyze location performance and make adjustments as needed to ensure each restaurant is running optimally.

Go Beyond Employee Training

Although iPad combined with Jolt is an absolute must for employee training, it offers restaurant owners and managers so much more. Employees can use iPad to clock in and out, request time off, view the schedule, and more! Managers and owners are able to approve time, as well as manage leave requests, and create, edit, and view schedules. 

iPad can also save restaurants money by keeping up-to-date records of inventory. This, in turn, gives managers the ability to more accurately order only the inventory that is needed.

Make Sure Your Restaurants iPads are Always Ready to Go

iPad is the central hub for employee training and operations. You need to not only protect your investments but make sure they are ready to go at a moment's notice. IPORT offers a line of versatile and robust protective charging cases and stands. iPad will be protected whether it is being used on the stand or on-the-go. Our line of wireless charging devices are not only fully functional, but aesthetically pleasing with slim, sleek, and modern designs that will look great not only in the back of the restaurant but in the front as well. Shop our full line of iPad products and let IPORT take your restaurant operations to the next level.