Hotels are always looking for new ways to astound and delight guests. At the same time, running a hotel is a constant quest to streamline internal processes and provide luxury without delay. Nothing does this quite like iPads to enhance the hotel guest experience. In our minds, we have a futuristic dream of a high-tech hotel experience where the whole world is at a guest's fingertips from a single tablet in their room.

With the introduction of iPads and a guest services platform as part of your guest experience, suddenly the world really is at their fingertips. From turning on the lights to booking a reservation at the hotel restaurant, iPads are finally being used to revolutionize the hotel guest experience with sleek, cloud-based hospitality solutions.

Revolutionizing Room Control

The first thing that an iPad can do is to put wireless control over the room into a guest's hands. Use smart home technology to allow guests to set their own temperatures, control the lights, and direct the television from the iPad as well as from local switches. Allow guests to take full control of their rooms through a beautiful hotel app that truly makes their stay feel unique.

Of course, room control is only the beginning.

Replace Old Brochures and Directories

Brochures and printed materials are designed to help guests find local opportunities, meals, and to promote certain tourism industry partners. While printed media has always done the job, an iPad makes it all so much easier, and greener to boot!

Through an innovative hotel management app like DigiValet, guests can access all the same content, information, and local news. Only these directories and brochures will be digital, searchable, and easily updated.

Multilingual Multinational

Why print in multiple languages when guests can take control in their home tongue? Part of the beauty of a hospitality iPad experience is that guests can select their own language. For the duration of their stay, their room's iPad will display all buttons, information, and media in the guests' own language. This can make international and multilingual guests feel so much more welcome, and find an easier time receiving the full benefit of your hotel's services without a language barrier.

Room Service and Hotel Amenities at Their Fingertips

Let's not forget the access to your entire hotel's list of services and amenities. Through the room iPad and an app like DigiValet, guests can peruse a mouth-watering menu and order room service directly to their door. Or they can explore your options to book hotel services like spa treatments or dinner reservations.

Not only can you make these services explorable and bookable through each guest's room iPad, you can also promote anything based on demand. Need to clear a dessert from the inventory? Spa under-booked? Push promotions to your guests through the app platform.

Personalized Experiences

Another amazing thing you can do for the guest experience is to help guests personalize their own stay. From food preferences and allergies to building a custom television station, your guests can use their iPads to make their stay perfect. These details are something that your staff might work hard to remember and provide for. But when guests can manage their preferences through an in-room device, it's right every time.

Automated Concierge Services

Guests often phone down to the front desk for concierge services. Maybe they need a cab called, a restaurant reserved, or an adventure planned for them. Maybe they're expecting a guest or a package. With an in-room iPad, your guests don't need to call down anymore. They can request and receive concierge services through the luxurious convenience of the touchpad interface.

Streamline Promotions and Deal Opportunities

Lastly, you can even promote your tourism partnerships through your in-room iPads. Hotels have always been challenged to inspire guests to take new vacation opportunities without seeming pushy. How do you tell guests about opportunities and promotional experiences without putting it in their face? While the in-room directory used to serve this purpose, now they can peruse, compare, and book local adventures through your hotel app.

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