People often imagine that in order to make their homes more efficient they will be required to buy a long list of complicated equipment. Quite the contrary, actually. In fact, upgrading your home to make it smarter and more efficient is as simple as dedicating an iPad as a central control hub for various smart home products. It is easy to start creating a smart home with something as simple as buying a few smart bulbs and swapping them out for the traditional ones. And, as the number of your smart home devices grows, having a dedicated point of control access will become vital. So, what's the simplest solution for controlling your smart home? Using an iPad!

Why Use an iPad for Home Control?

iPads and iOS are one of the best-recognized devices around the world and for good reason. There are more than 1.2 million apps available on the Apple Store, including those from every home control system on the market. And, with multi-app support comes a lot more flexibility and mobility that can't be achieved with standard control system panels. With this in mind, it makes sense that using an iPad to take central command of your home automation solutions. If you frequently entertain visitors or leave your home in the hands of house sitters while you're away, having a single, dedicated iPad can prevent a lot of frustration with giving them access to control home features like lights, TV or your video doorbell. Without it, you would need to grant guests access to apps on an individual basis, then revoke it when they leave. 

Ease of Monitoring

Using a dedicated iPad for home control allows you to easily see real-time information at a glance. If you need more detailed information on how your devices are performing, it is easy to set it up so it can be viewed with just a few taps and from distances of a few feet away. Monitoring events in real-time such as home security, energy monitoring or being alerted to water leaks from anywhere in your home or on the go is not only convenient but could save you time and money in the long-run. Apple is banking on iPad being the single solution for smart homes so much that they have created Apple HomeKit to make the entire process even more streamlined and easier. As HomeKit's features grow, controlling your smart home devices will only become easier.

iPad Wall Mount vs. Mobile Solutions

You have a unique lifestyle. One person's solutions may not fit quite right into your daily life. That's the number one reason we offer a variety of hardware solutions to allow for more flexibility with placement and usability. For a stationary solution that will have a dedicated spot in your home, IPORT offers the Surface Mount bezel which can be installed on any flat surface where all control can take place.

Maybe you're someone who is constantly on the move, bouncing around your home, home office, or workshop. For you, having a mobile control system may be more advantageous. With the IPORT LUXE, you can please it on a table or counter and either lock it to the BaseStation, secure it to a wall or allow it to be removable so it can travel with you from room to room.

Are you ready to bring your home into the 21st-century with smart home devices? Read more about it here and find out how simple it is to get started with our unique line of products. If you have questions about how our products can help you build the ideal smart home for your lifestyle, contact IPORT!