Today's technology holds incredible promise for high-tech office design. There are more gadgets, apps, and innovations than anyone office could incorporate. But if you're looking for a simple, sleek way to streamline your office's workflow, then nothing beats the iPad. Modern tablets are elite in processing power, screens size, touch sensitivity, and connectivity to a wifi signal. New hires and guests alike immediately know how to use them and there is a multitude of high-end apps waiting to become your team's latest digital toolbox.

So today, we're here to reveal a few best-practices on creating a high-tech office with iPads and a cloud-backed workflow.

Brainstorm the Ideal Office Workflow

When it comes to iPad functionality, the sky's the limit. If you can dream it, there's a good chance you can make it happen. So sit down with some of your most insightful coworkers and brainstorm how you could upgrade the workplace.

  • What are the bottlenecks? 
  • What could be automated? 
  • What experiences could be improved with mobility or technology? 
  • How can you transition old systems into iPad solutions? 

The answers to these questions and others you will find yourself asking will guide the office upgrades you choose to make. You will also get an idea of how you will put your iPads and docking stations to use. There will always be a combination of technology and iPad business apps that can improve your current office design.

Select or Develop Company Apps

The next step is to build your tech stack. One of the benefits of focusing on iPads and Apple devices exclusively is team access to the Apple Store. Apps for Apple mobile devices are vast and often high-quality. There are thousands of iPad business apps that can streamline your team, your office, your visitor experience, or your customer services.

Research apps that do what you need and don't be afraid to try out a few. Envoy, for example, has created a great suite of office management apps to try. Then export to every iPad in the company so that everyone is on the same page. Possibly on the same shared business account, in many cases. This way, every iPad in the building will have a stack of familiar apps that employees will know what to do with.

Equip Employees with an iPad Suite

Many of your employees will be able (and eager) to transition to an iPad-based workflow. For any employee who can work without a desktop computer, consider issuing a personal device and iPad case for business purposes. With the right case, an iPad can be carried with a satchel strap, it's charger, and peripheral gear quite easily.

Employees who have their own iPads and equipment will be able to easily bounce from workstation to workstation, docking as they go.

Permanent and Portable Docking Stations

So, naturally, the next step is to build docking stations. IPORT is proud to offer iPad docking stations with custom charging and data ports can unify your office and streamline many business experiences. You can build portable-device iPad docks at employee workstations, so that employees connect their personal devices in the morning. Or you can set up a ring of open docks in team project rooms, or equip your conference room with handy iPad docks for running apps like Zoom for video conference calling or sharing screens.

You might set up more permanently docked iPads at activity stations, sign-in points, or as workstation computers in open-floor environments. The iPad is not just useful for surface mounting, you can also mount it on a BaseStation for access on the go. This opens the door to vast industrial and hospitality uses alike. IPORT offers wall mounts that are permanent or docking stations, and removable solutions for table top or flat surfaces for applications like conference rooms or front desk check-in. 

Automated Front Desk Management

For most businesses, the front desk is a necessary obstacle course. Someone has to man the desk to welcome guests, accept packages, page hosts, and receive messages. Not all businesses have efficient front desk management and some still work with a paper logbook for visitors.

With mounted iPads and Envoy software, you can almost fully automate front desk functions, making guests feel welcome while also reducing the usual lobby chaos. Guests can quickly sign in and even receive a printed badge using the front desk iPad. Their information will not be shown to the next guest and their presence will be announced to whoever is expecting them.

“Forward-thinking workplaces are implementing an automated front desk system with modern visitor management and delivery management software. These tools offer a host of benefits. That’s where Envoy comes in.” - Lauren Gimmillaro, Senior Channel Manager at Envoy

Envoy front desk management can help your building to accept deliveries and then announce the package arrival, either for employees to receive their package at the desk or as a reminder to pick up packages left behind.  Envoy can even help you enhance security and safety compliance by digitally confirming (and logging for online reference) the credentials of each visitor, including a quick photo. Altogether, everyone can move through the lobby more quickly and an iPad is never away from the front desk when a guest arrives.

Guest iPads and iPad Stations

You can also put iPads to work in a diversity of ways in the office. You might equip guests with their own temporary iPads for navigation and to interact with your high-tech office design. Or you might create permanent iPad stations that allow anyone to access certain information, or even just to change the decoration settings.

Get creative and explore how tablets and versatile mounting options could help to create your ideal high-tech office design.