First responders are trained to have their heads on a swivel in fast-changing environments that require as much knowledge and information to improve chances of success. As rigorous as the training is, it can't provide all the information they need, when they need it. 

With the LAUNCH Rugged System, access to information is at your fingertips and convenient. With the ability to make into a fire truck iPad Mount, you can now use an iPad inside the vehicle or in the field, drastically improving your chances of adequately assessing the situation and achieving success. 

Here are a few more reasons why an iPad rugged case is a beneficial addition to a first responder's itinerary. 

Flexibility at Its Best 

In the life of a first responder, no two days are the same. You need a device that is convenient and adapts to the situation you find yourself in. 

With the LAUNCH Rugged System, you can choose from an extensive range of components that convert your iPad into an asset in the vehicle and on the field. 

Among the available options is a WallStation that can be mounted onto nearly any surface, including the dashboard of the fire truck or any other commercial vehicle. The WallStation uses magnets to inductively charge the iPad at the same rate as an Apple wired power adaptor. The optional Universal Mounting Box adds a level of installation flexibility. Combined with a WallStation, the Universal box can be installed in any vehicle using 74/100MM standard VESA mount and is powered by a standard 12V DV fuse circuit.

When mobility is a priority, you have the option of going for the rugged iPad case with a shoulder strap. These options ensure your vital information device is protected from damage while in the line of duty. 

Ease of Access 

In pressure situations, the last thing you need is something else to worry about. The rugged iPad case keeps your device safe while you save the world and easy to access it when you need it. 

The case makes your device accessible at all times and protects the power button from accidental pressure while keeping it visible and accessible. Despite protective features, including a protective lens covering the rear camera and microphone, all the iPad's vital features, like the home button and speakers, are easily accessible for swift and seamless transmission of information. 

With integrated loops, you never have to worry about leaving the iPad behind to free your hands. You can always have it with you and out of your way at all times by attached the optional Shoulder Strap. Densely cushioned bumpers and shatterproof protection all ensure you don't have to worry about your device — just the situation at hand.  

Ultimate Protection 

The case comes with several layers of protection to cater to any situation you might find you and your iPad in. The first layer is a sleeve that encases the iPad. This is followed by a Rugged Case that wraps around the sleeve to keep the device safe from accidental falls, drops, and knocks. Other protective features include the lens covering the rear camera and a power button cover. 

Your iPad has all the safety gear it needs to go to the field with you without compromising accessibility or making your job any more challenging or more frustrating than it already is. 

Dependable Wireless Charging 

Dual charging options ensure the iPad never runs out of juice in the middle of a rescue. With wireless charging, the iPad can charge when mounted to a WallStation or a BaseStation. It ensures the device is always ready to go, even when you forget to plug it in. Wireless charging capitalizes on inductive charging to charge your device on the Fire truck iPad Mount or any other emergency services vehicle. 

For the first responders, staying connected is no longer a luxury, it’s the new standard of business. An iPad that is consistently charged, steadily mounted, and protected from damage is crucial to your line of work for access to important information. And with the LAUNCH Rugged System, you can ensure you are always ready for the most demanding calls.