A lot has changed about the world we live and work in over the course of the last year. The restaurant industry is feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in a variety of different ways. We have seen an increase in the amount of sanitation and cleaning required and a huge upswing in takeout and delivery orders. 

Even before these changes came about, managing a restaurant required tracking quite a few moving pieces: employee training, customer satisfaction, inventory, and the day-to-day operations of each shift. Investing in an iOS restaurant management system will help you organize the important details you need to manage, easily communicate with employees, and ensure training and restaurant sanitation is compliant with new standards. 


The restaurant industry is no stranger to iOS systems. iPads have made their way into the fabric of the way restaurants do business. But until IPORT LAUNCH, formerly known as LaunchPort, no system paired mobility and technology with the protection to withstand the front and back of house during a rush. 

When LAUNCH is not mounted to a tabletop or wall, our Rugged Case offers 360-degree protection of your iPad. This means your restaurant will benefit from streamlining how you do business while also gaining peace of mind your devices are safe from drops and other restaurant hazards. When this rugged iPad case is not offering you and your employees the flexibility to move around the restaurant, the stand of each unit keeps iPads charged and protected making sure it works efficiently each time you need it.

Better Access to and Tracking of Employee Training

With the rise of the coronavirus pandemic, the CDC has released guidelines for restaurants on how they can stay open safely. As a result, additional training has become available for you and your employees to ensure everyone is compliant with the new standards. 

The IPORT Launch features software partnerships with Jolt and PlayerLync which help you communicate with new and existing employees during each shift as well as track and assign daily tasks and training. Gone are the days of whiteboard checklists and micromanaging employee training. Launch allows you and your staff to stay informed by offering an easy-to-use platform to get things done. Even your chef and back of house staff can benefit from Launch by offering a convenient way to teach new recipes in the kitchen. 

Superior Mobility

Restaurants are far from static environments. Even when the dining room is slow you and your staff are inevitably busy preparing for the next rush or getting caught up on necessary tasks. With LAUNCH, you'll benefit from a rugged iPad case that can go wherever you need it to. You can choose from either the IPORT shoulder strap or the adjustable Velcro hand strap to help everyone move around the restaurant freely and safely. LAUNCH also features magnets that allow the units to be mounted to any metallic surface. This means even your delivery drivers can safely use the system when they arrive with a customer's order and secure it when in transit to prevent damage.

Our final software partner, iPos makes every aspect of your life running the restaurant easier, while also streamlining the job of your hostesses, servers, and kitchen staff. You'll have inventory and live reports at your fingertips which will allow you to make better plans for the hours and days to come. For your employees, they'll have the ability to enter and send customer orders right from the table helping eliminate errors and improper notes before they happen. Finally, iPos will be your greatest asset as you manage mobile orders coming through and adapt to more customers choosing takeout over in-person dining.