In a hospital, every moment counts, especially during the unprecedented health crisis we are currently living in. Medical professionals work long hours to keep up with the influx of patients, and many systems are beginning to crack from the pressure of data overload. Nearly every industry is stepping up to provide aid to hospitals, in whatever way they can, and IPORT is no different.

Social Distancing

With Telehealth on the rise, space becoming a more precious resource, and hospitals making an effort to keep patients safe and separate, medical staff has started to use their spaces more creatively. While most equipment is difficult and even impossible to move around at the speed needed, mobile technology like the iPad has become a vital tool. With the ability to quickly move from patient to patient without transporting and disinfecting dozens of tools, iPads reduce the risk of exposure and cross-contamination.


The iPad is not just a great way to keep your distance, it is also a great way to stay connected safely. With iOS applications made specifically for efficient and professional communication, you can work effectively within hospitals, connect remotely with patients, and conduct groundbreaking medical research. The result is care that becomes more efficient, more personalized, and ultimately, more human.

Long Shifts

Even more than before, medical staff work unbelievable hours, and they need equipment that can keep up. IPORT has wireless charging and mounting solutions that allow you to take your iPad along to different appointments, or to stay stationary on your desk to keep the iPad charged and protected when it's not needed.

The IPORT Solution

Here are just a few ways IPORT has worked to develop equipment to address the needs listed above:

Wireless Charging

Our cases will keep your iPad safe and charged, so you don't lose any time. Set it down on its mount, on the wall or on the table, and grab it on the go without any cable drama.

Magnetic Mounting

To keep you as hands-free as possible to get your work done, we've made sure our cases allow you to think as little as possible about your technology, so you can focus on your patient. Install the magnetic charging station in the wall, on a counter, or even in a vehicle, whichever way, it's not going anywhere.

Drop Protection

We know sometimes the downfall of great technology is the "Glass Cannon" effect- huge power, but a little (or a lot!) on the delicate side. IPORT designs their products with activity in mind, and we know the hospital can be an unpredictable terrain. Slips, falls, and drops can happen, but our cases will make sure your work will bounce back with you.

Strong-Disinfectant Durable Materials

Finally, with everyone doing the best they can to stop the spread of germs, we've designed our cases to withstand multiple wipe-downs a day. The shape and simplicity of the case makes it fast and easy, with no sneaky pockets or spots where sticky build-up can hide.

Our Product Recommendations for Your Hospital

Now that we've made our case, here are 3 products we think will increase the quality of care within your hospital!

IPORT Charge Case and Stand

So easy and simple it's almost too good. It works with a variety of iPads, and is great for bedside care and contact-free lobby check-ins.

The LAUNCH System

This system has three unique parts- the LAUNCH CaseBaseStation, and WallStation. We've already bragged about the wireless charging and magnetic mounting, but did we mention this case can handle a 6-foot drop?

The LUXE System

Our last recommendation is our second three-piece system, including the LUXE Case, the BaseStation, and the WallStation. With all the same benefits as the other systems, the LUXE uses a minimalist design and replaces the hard plastic with durable metal.

Interested in learning more about our products, or seeing what else we have to offer? Check out the rest of our solutions here.