As a first responder, staying reachable is a crucial part of your work. With emergency calls coming in unexpectedly, you not only have to be accessible but should also be able to access information at all times. For this reason, most businesses assign iPads to their first responders. They are efficient, easy to use, and really comprehensive. But as you might know by now, these devices are also quite delicate. And the last thing you need when climbing up a tree to save a kitten is to worry about your iPad cracking. Well, that is where a heavy-duty iPad case comes in.

These cases are built like tanks. They are designed beautifully, so they look good as you carry them around while providing unparalleled levels of reliability. With one of these bad boys, you no longer have to pray to the gods every time your iPad takes a fall. 

Let's take a look at some other benefits a first responder can gain from a heavy-duty iPad case.

Reliable wireless charging

Let's face it; there's no point in carrying around a dead iPad. It is even worse when you are always on the go. Well, as a first responder, the nature of your work might not exactly allow you the luxury of waiting for your device to charge. To stay online, you'll need a case that will enable your iPad to charge as efficiently as possible. 

Well, although they are heavy-duty, these iPad cases still allow wireless charging when you mount them to a WallStation or BaseStation. This way, you can always be charged up and ready to move.

Bulletproof protection

The number one reason people buy cases for their iPads or phones is to keep them safe from falls or, at least, reduce the intensity of the damage. Well, a heavy-duty iPad case does this perfectly. It has densely cushioned bumpers intuitively positioned at vulnerable spots, so you are almost guaranteed that your iPad will remain intact every time it hits the ground. In fact, the total layers of protection going behind these cases are certified to withstand as much as 10.6 G's of force.

The good thing about heavy duty iPad cases is that they are specifically made for iPads. Therefore, they don't hinder any wireless charging features in your device. Once you mount them onto the dashboard or wall station, it still clings on and charges at the same original rate as a power adapter.

Easy to access

If you've interacted with an Apple product before then, you know that they always go a bit extra in making their products user-friendly. Well, the iPad case is intuitively engineered so that it doesn't impede any of these functions. 

Other than the truck mount, which allows you to use the iPad with your hands full, everything else is easy to access. For instance, the power button is visible, accessible, and made free from accidental pressure. The rear camera is also kept under a protected lens, and the microphone is safe from damage. 

Flexible operations

From the easy mounting to the wireless charging, iPad cases are made to adapt to different situations and use cases quickly. IPORT provides a full system that comes with all the attachments needed to protect charge and hold your iPad as you move back and forth from vehicle to station. This includes a universal mounting box, WallStation, and heavy-duty case.


As we've established, communication and access to information are crucial when out in the field, and an iPad is one tool that effortlessly solves this problem. However, to maintain consistency, it will need to be kept safe, charged, and steady at all times. With a heavy duty iPad case, you can rid yourself of all these concerns. You get to enjoy all the good benefits of your iPad, always prepared for the demanding calls, without any major worries.

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