A day in the life of a first responder is hectic and unpredictable. You are called to action at a moment's notice, and you never know what you'll encounter. The last thing you want to worry about when you rush into danger is whether you've charged your iPad. And while carrying patients to your ambulance, or scaling 5 floors on your ladder, the possibility of your iPad dropping and breaking isn't something you have time to consider. First responders need their iPads more than ever, for note-taking, and for pushing and receiving updates in real time. But holding it, protecting it, and charging it are nuisances you don't have time for. The solution is a rugged iPad case that protects and charges your iPad, so you can count on it when you need it. Take a look at why the LaunchPort Rugged System is a valuable asset for first responders.


A dead iPad is useless to first responders on the go. A day in your life may not allow for long periods of time plugged into a charging station. But you need to be able to access critical info and document data throughout your day. Your iPad needs a reliable and rugged case that keeps it protected wherever you are. Whether you are charting the location of your firemen or relaying critical patient info, your iPad simply can't fail you. And with the added benefit of wireless charging when mounted to a BaseStation or WallStation, your information is available to you anywhere, any time.


First, a sleeve encases the iPad in a shell that uses inductive charging to wirelessly power your iPad. A Rugged Case then wraps securely around the sleeve and protects the iPad during drops and falls. The iPad can then be mounted to a WallStation on virtually any surface, including most dashboards, where it's held magnetically in place, and inductively charged at the rate of an Apple power adapter. An optional Universal Box can be added for installation flexibility with its standard 12V DC fuse circuit. These layers of protection culminate in a product certified to withstand up to 10.6 G's of force. 


Not only does the iPad truck mount make your iPad physically accessible while you work with your hands, the features are also easily accessible. The power button is protected from accidental pressure, but also easily visible and accessible. A rear camera is located under a protected lens and microphone for ease of use and damage prevention. Simple access to the home button and speakers make your information transmission seamless.  Integrated loops on the apron mean you can secure an apron strap to always have your iPad within reach. Well-placed Apple pencil storage makes note-taking a breeze, and magnetic docking makes wireless charging fool-proof. Densely cushioned bumpers protect all sides of the iPad, in case it drops. After all, it doesn't matter how easy your device is to use once it's broken. Shatter-proof protection is paramount.


From the way it is mounted, to the way it is charged, to the components you choose, the LaunchPort Rugged System meets individual demands. The system can be easily installed in any vehicle using a 75/100 mm VESA pattern. Powered using a standard 12V 3A fuse, you can wirelessly charge and magnetically mount an iPad in any vehicle. Or choose the Universal Box to charge with a standard 12V DC fuse. You can select the full package- from sleeve to box, or purchase just what you need, like a rugged iPad case, iPad truck mount, or shoulder strap. We know that no two days are the same in the life of a first responder, and we want to make life a little easier. 

For the first responders, staying connected is no longer a luxury, it’s the new standard of business. Access to information is critical. An iPad that is consistently charged, steadily mounted, and protected from damage is crucial to your line of work. And with the LaunchPort Rugged Case, you can ensure you are always ready for the most demanding calls.