Many restaurants have found themselves making changes to the way that they operate in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Now more than ever providing a high-quality and safe customer experience is at the forefront of restaurant owner's and manager's minds alike. 

Curbside pickup and mobile ordering have likely allowed your restaurant to stay open during the pandemic since in-person dining options are restricted or not allowed in most states. You've likely seen some success and undoubtedly learned a lot. If the past year has left you asking yourself how you can better serve your customers, help your employees, and make your own job easier along the way, then the IPORT LAUNCH system is just what your restaurant needs. 

LAUNCH Into Better Curbside

IPORT has been the industry leader since 2004. Our systems allow people and business owners to seamlessly integrate Apple products into their daily lives and operations. You have likely seen our systems without even knowing it! With the rise of app-based resources for businesses we offer high-tech that is also highly-functional. Meet the IPORT LAUNCH: a wireless charging station designed to streamline your entire restaurant operation. 

When not in use, iPads can be docked for safety and to ensure their batteries are fully charged. Restaurants are far from a static work environment. LAUNCH offers the portability to make running your restaurant easier while allowing your employees to provide quality customer service. 

Rugged Protection for Your iPads

At IPORT we understand that choosing to implement an iPad wireless charging system at your restaurant is an investment for any business. We also understand the chaotic atmosphere restaurants can be in the middle of a rush. Because of our experience in the field, we spent additional time designing the LAUNCH Case to offer the flexibility and durability you will need regardless of whether each unit in your new system spends the majority of its life in the office, on the floor, or in the back of house. 

LAUNCH is rated with superior drop protection of up to 6 feet. But with LAUNCH, you do not have to sacrifice functionality when you choose a rugged iPad system. All buttons and other aspects of your iPad remain accessible and with full usability for whatever the day brings.  

If your restaurant is offering curbside delivery or sending employees to assist with drive-thru window traffic, the LAUNCH Rugged Case offers additional drop protection. This soft silicone cover wraps and reinforces the corners making it the perfect accessory for your new iPad system. Mounting rings allow for seamless additions of the IPORT shoulder strap or a carabiner. Another option restaurants benefit from is the adjustable Velcro hand strap. Either carrying option gives you and your employees the additional peace-of-mind to serve customers and not worry about protecting the LAUNCH system. 

Software for Premium Efficiency

A system is only as good as the tools you can use with it. At IPORT we understand this and offer access to featured software systems that can impact every aspect of your business.  For a superior pick-up experience for your customers choose FlyBuy by Radius Network. This app-based software supports not only curbside pickup but also mobile ordering. 

FlyBuy offers customers the ability to notify you when they are on their way and helps your employees easily find their cars in your parking lot. When customers arrive, staff can bring their order directly to their car and sign off that the order has been taken care of. The result is the frictionless, seamless, and personalized experience for each guest customers could expect from you during an in-person dining experience.

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