As a restaurant owner or manager, you are busy. Between managing the back of the house, employee training, and providing great customer service your time is at a premium. 

You've probably seen different iPad accessories for restaurants and kitchens and wondered how they could help you and your staff become more efficient. With charging for reliability, a durable exterior, and software to streamline your day-to-day operations the impact of adding iPad wireless charging stations is truly limitless. 

In this article, you'll learn how the IPORT LAUNCH system allows food and beverage solutions for every restaurant to transform an iPad into a restaurant-grade business tool. 

Meet IPORT Launch

IPORT LAUNCH is an iPad wireless charging station designed to hold, charge and protect. Created with restaurants in mind, we have partnered with PlayerLync, Jolt, and iPos to help you manage every aspect of running your restaurant digitally. 

With both management and employee interfaces, every member of your team will benefit from adding iPad Wireless Charging Stations to your day-to-day operations. With LAUNCH, your entire team is able to stay informed, stay trained, and stay compliant with food and restaurant safety in real-time. 

Unrivaled Protection for Even the Busiest of Rushes

When iPads are deployed in restaurants, keeping the devices protected is paramount. Unlike other systems available, the LAUNCH Case grants you complete access to all iPad buttons, microphones, cameras, and speakers with increased durability. 

When properly installed, LAUNCH cases can withstand a 6 ft drop — perfect for the back of the house or on the floor collisions and drops. If you plan on using your LAUNCH System in the back of the house, the system features magnets that make for convenient mounting to any metallic surface. 

If you opt for the  LAUNCH Rugged Case you will benefit from increased drop protection. The soft silicone cover is equipped with reinforced corners offering you unmatched reliability and durability in one convenient package. 

Hostesses, servers, bartenders, and front-of-house managers will love the IPORT Shoulder Strap or adjustable Velcro hand strap. Designed with increased portability and system safety in mind, you will gain the peace of mind that your units are safe even during the busiest of lunch or dinner rushes. 

Streamline and Engage

By adding an iPad Wireless Charging Station you're giving yourself and your employees the gift of time. Servers and bartenders will ditch pencil and paper and memorizing orders as IPORT travels with them from table to table giving them the freedom to punch in orders in real-time. 

Because each wireless charging station is always protected and charged, you, your chef, or other important members of your team can push out real-time updates to ensure that staff is better connected to important information helping to improve overall efficiency. 

When it comes time for your customers to review and pay their bill, the  LAUNCH BaseStation effortlessly rotates between portrait and landscape orientations for customers right from their table.

With software integrations managing supplies, onboarding, and training new employees has never been easier. While employees can access training from each individual unit during onboarding, you will gain a live look at training progress and food and restaurant safety compliance tasks throughout each shift.  

Help with the Day-To-Day

Investing in an iPad wireless charging station like IPORT LAUNCH will help you streamline the day-to-day tasks. With software integrations like Jolt, you can fully replace paper logs and increase employee independence and accountability. With lists, the ability to mark tasks complete, and quick access to training, each employee will have the ability to monitor the updates necessary to keep the restaurant running smoothly without your or your management needing to micromanage.