With everything that goes into running a restaurant, it is important to consider how everything is managed. In addition to a system that covers customer reservations and management, you'll need to ensure that you can successfully manage employees. Keeping track of employee shifts can be a tedious, especially if they're being swapped and covered and people call in sick. Now more than ever, restaurants need a smart management system software to ensure that everything remains in place and management is 100% up to date every second and to improve restaurant efficiency. 


OpenTable is a software app for available for iPads that manages restaurant flow, both for dining guests and the employee side of things. With the amount of moving parts in a restaurant every night, it's important to make sure you have the best management software possible to ensure everything stays in place. OpenTable helps restaurants thrive and makes the guest experience easy and enjoyable. Additionally, the software is critical for keeping employees happy and organized.

Table Management and Reservations

OpenTable's software allows every employee on the shift to stay up to date with new reservations and customers. This prevents overbooking and disorganization, ensuring that the staff keeps up with every customer that comes into the restaurant. Additionally, with the streamlined technology of OpenTable, employees are made immediately aware of any changes or cancelled reservations.


OpenTable is an excellent software application for your restaurant, but it's worth thinking about investing in a hardware solution to go along with it. IPORT LAUNCH keeps your iPad charged and protected while it's safely charging on an iPad wall mount. With the inductive charging technology, there's no need to struggle with small, fragile charging cords in the middle of a rush. Because iPads running OpenTable can be used throughout the restaurant, it's important to ensure they have a solid protective shell and battery life no matter where they go. However, during high-traffic hours you can safely and securely stow the iPad using IPORT LUXE

Guest Profiles and Rewards

OpenTable can track regular guests, allowing you to streamline your rewards program through the app. Guests can register online or through the iPad itself. Additionally, maintaining your guest rewards program through OpenTable allows you to quickly update and change any new information. Because OpenTable is visible on the iPad, it's straightforward to simply allow the guests to ensure their information is correct. This ensures that they'll successfully get their rewards and that your business will always have their up-to-date information on file. With easy integration to your rewards program website, guests will be able to track their status on their own phones or internet as soon as they've entered it into the system. Most restaurant rewards are forgotten about and never claimed. With OpenTable allowing guests to check their status and see what they earn every time they come into the restaurant, they'll be able to stay on top of their rewards and excitedly look forward to their next visit. This system will improve the customer's overall restaurant experience.

The Bottom Line

Technology has improved and optimized every facet of business and it's no surprise that restaurants are finally getting caught up. OpenTable is a game changer for the restaurant industry, simultaneously allowing management to closely monitor their business processes while getting patients more easily signed up for rewards programs. With an easy-to-use interface, restaurant staff can always stay informed of changing last-minute reservations, projecting a professional air when potential guests arrive and ensuring they're cared for, while ensuring your iPad is protected and charged with your IPORT Case and BaseStation. After the meal, the guests can easily be signed up for a restaurant rewards program, providing their contact information to the restaurant and tracking their activity over time to earn rewards. With the potential to improve both customer relations and restaurant management, a restaurant management software with IPORT charging and mounting solutions should be considered for any size dining establishment.