Mobile technology solutions for healthcare professionals has grown exponentially since the days of the first PDA's and pagers. Historically, medical staff would have to access paper records or use stationary computers, which required a lot of walking back and forth, delaying access to vital information. With each new advancement, the stressful and highly active workdays of healthcare personnel get a little bit easier and response times are dramatically improved.

These days, iPads are becoming increasingly popular and much more versatile to help alleviate a lot of the more mundane tasks to free personnel up for concentrating on what matters most: their patients. Mobile technology has greatly improved the mobility demands of fast-paced medical institutions. Healthcare professionals use iPads and apps for many purposes, including administration, patient record maintenance, record access, communications, consulting, references, information gathering, and education.

The Need for Mobile Solutions at Point of Care

Having reliable mobile solutions to streamline patient care is, perhaps, one of the most important considerations of healthcare professionals. Making their jobs easier can help them provide more customized and attentive care. For every minute that is saved on tedious tasks is an extra minute they can give to patients. By integrating IPORT's custom mobile solutions to keep equipment charged and protected, managing quality patient care can be easier than ever before. Here are some of the many ways iPad for healthcare professionals can - quite literally - save lives.

iPad for Healthcare Professionals Use Cases

A major factor driving the integration of iPads in the healthcare field is offering better communication and information resources at nearly every level. New apps and computer integrations make requesting and sharing information much more streamlined. For instance:

  • Voice calling, video conferencing, texting, and email features reduce lag time in ordering medications, receiving authorizations, notify staff, or allow patients to access educational materials to better understand their care instructions.
  • Hospital information systems improve access to electronic health records, clinical decision support systems, picture archiving and communication systems, and laboratory information systems.
  • Informational resources for staff such as textbooks, clinical and procedural guidelines, medical literature, drug references from anywhere in the facility and within just a few taps. 
  • Order lab tests and interpret lab results. 
  • Write or dictate notes, record audio, and organize media. 
  • Apps for operations such as practice management or improved coding and billing help avoid mistakes such as missing codes or entering erroneous information.
  • Scheduling appointments, meetings, and call schedules. 
  • One of the newest and most fascinating uses is VR simulations for surgeries. 
  • Monitoring patient health, vital signs, location, rehabilitation, and collect other clinical data.
  • Clinical software applications give access to disease diagnosis aids, medical calculators, and more.

Modern Healthcare Professional Solutions

Until recently, many medical facilities tried to increase technological mobility by using computers or workstations on wheels that they would lug around the facility from room to room or bed to bed. Luckily, iPad for healthcare professionals can now offer everything they need in an easily portable device to keep information at the tip of their fingers. 

And, it is IPORT's mission to support our valued healthcare professionals by offering solutions to keep their critical devices charged and protected from whatever the job puts in front of them. IPORT's LAUNCH and LUXE iPad station solutions are designed to give healthcare professionals ease of access with wireless charging and magnetic mounting. Stations can attach to a wall, desk or table and move with you where you need them. And for additional protection, you can add an LAUNCH Rugged Case to ensure drops, splashes, and falls protect your device and won't slow you down. 

You've probably got questions about the right solutions for your practice or facility. And, we've got the answers. Contact us today to get in touch with one of our representatives who can guide you through the process!