For the hard-working men and women who venture beyond the office and into the great outdoors, having an iPad rugged case is a game-changer. Help your workforce stay connected while protecting the investment in company equipment by making your fleet's iPad more resilient to the fast-paced day-to-day operations. Here's how to help your fleet get the most use out of their iPads.

iPad Rugged Case for Portability

IPORT's iPad Rugged Case is an extremely versatile solution for your fleet's mobile needs. We've worked with various industry professionals who work in some of the most rugged conditions and asked them what features they wanted to see the most in a rugged case. With their recommendations in mind, we crafted one of the highest-quality iPad rugged cases to meet the demands of any fleet. 

  • Magnetic mounting effortlessly keeps your iPad easily accessible at all times, coupled with the flexibility to take it anywhere it is needed.
  • Vehicle installation accessories make it easy to securely mount your iPad in any vehicle without having to remove it from the case.
  •  Wireless charging helps your team stay clutter-free on the go. Optional additional power stations allow your team to simply transfer the iPad from station to station without stopping to plug it in.
  • Protection in even the harshest environments is a promise. iPad rugged cases are NFPA 1901, MIL Spec certified and acceleration tests withstand up to 10.6 Gs of force.
  • Add the Rugged Case Shoulder Strap and Standle to maximize portability with ease. 

iPad Rugged Case for Vehicles

Protect and charge your iPad on-the-go with the LAUNCH Rugged System to transform the way your fleet stays connected with the home base out in the field. The LAUNCH Rugged System includes everything necessary to mount your iPad in the vehicle by using either the universal box or a removable mounting attachment. Your iPad will be protected against falls, bumps, and even splashing drinks.

iPad Rugged Case for Working in the Field

With the LAUNCH Rugged System, your iPad will stay charged and ready to go from the vehicle out into the field to handle the demands of your work. Accessorize the rugged case with the Shoulder Strap to keep your hands free whenever you need them. So, whether it is note-taking, photo documentation, sharing data with the home base or workers out in the field, you'll always be prepared. 

iPad Rugged Case for the Office

To complete the LAUNCH Rugged System, add charging and mounting stations at the office so your fleet employees can bring it in from the vehicle and dock it with literally no effort. The LAUNCH BaseStation is easily placed on a table or desk and once the rugged sleeve is mounted with the magnetic mount, it begins to charge. You can also use the system to send out important dispatch information, track vehicles or time, and share information with colleagues in the conference room. 

You've invested a lot of time, money, and effort to implement your fleet's telematics procedures. While it is true that accidents will happen, you can mitigate loss by protecting your investment with iPad rugged cases. Think of it as an added insurance policy. It's also important to note that implementing solutions such as the Shoulder Strap and Standle can help your employees maintain a firm grip on equipment in virtually any conditions. 

At IPORT, we are committed to bringing your company the highest-quality, innovative solutions to help you meet all of your home, business, and field automation needs. All of our products are designed with maximum efficiency in mind.

If you have questions or need ideas for how to best utilize our products, contact us to speak with a knowledgeable representative to help you find the best solutions for your equipment and needs.