More and more organizations are harnessing the power of on-the-go technology products for their remote and/or deskless workers. Still, it's not enough simply to buy the latest technology equipment for a mobile workforce, without also developing and implementing a plan on how to use the devices in such a way as to create a single cohesive team from a dispersed workforce. This article focuses on how to create and train an organized team who are able to communicate and collaborate with each other as easily as if they were working in adjacent rooms.

Selecting the Right Device

Today's deskless workers require easy access to all the power and functionality of a desktop PC or laptop, yet they also need a device that is both lightweight and as intuitive to use as a smartphone. The Apple iPad fulfills both of these requirements. Whether a deskless or remote worker requires access to corporate apps, or if they need apps that will handle functions such as note-taking, calendar scheduling, or a camera snapshot or video for purposes of documentation, the Apple iPad easily supports these types of functions.

Make it Easy and Personal

Traditionally, managers and staff members would often congregate together either in an official face-to-face meeting, or they would simply walk over to a colleague's desk for an ad hoc conversation. These types of face-to-face communication were often the easiest and most useful types of communication within a team. This type of classic communication can still occur while on the go by employing such tools as:

  • Video conferencing. 
  • Corporate podcasts. 
  • Training and instructional videos. 

In fact, with so many different communication and collaboration tools now available, deskless and remote workers should be able to meet with their managers and other team members in a virtual environment as easily as some continue to meet in a traditional setting. Knowing they can easily see and speak with other team members, can help individuals bond and connect with each other as much as any other team environment.

Creating a Cohesive Team

In order to successfully bring a team together, it's up to managers and/or team leaders to promote the use of virtual office tools that are available to their physically distanced team. A good manager or team leader understands that managing a team of workers who may be miles away is really no different than managing a group within a large skyscraper who reside 15 floors away. Leaders ignore the physical distance and focus on employing the tools and basic management techniques that are known to create a cohesive team.

Supervisors and team leaders can bring teams together by employing a multitude of mobile tools available to them. One way to unify a group is to have a daily or weekly morning video conference in which everyone is required to join. Managers can also ensure team members are staying up to date with new training videos and track whether they are listening to official organizational podcasts. If employees have questions or want to give feedback, organizations can provide tutorials and apps that will easily handle these types of interactions.

Device Protection

While all the corporate and productivity apps designed for deskless work are critical to successfully supporting a remote team, they are only available through the protection and support of the iPad device itself. On-the-go devices must maintain a high degree of availability and reliability regardless of any surrounding volatile physical working conditions.

Our iPad Rugged Case System is designed to provide all the availability, flexibility, and physical protection required by the most rugged types of remote work. Our Rugged System’s ability to use wireless charging, means workers will be able to continually maintain critical connections to information and colleagues. Our iPad rugged cases provide premiere protection and can withstand force of up to 10.6 G's. Our cases can be securely held either by a hand strap or magnetic mounting, both of which allow workers to have access to critical information on their iPad device, regardless of physically challenging conditions.

Contact us today if you would like to know more on how our IPORT system can provide complete protection of devices essential to the success of your organization.