Close your eyes for a moment and think about what makes a great hotel stay experience for you. Comfortable accommodations, useful amenities, and convenience are the three factors that make the largest impact on your guests' experience and whether or not they will return in the future. More than likely you've made sure that your accommodations are comfortable (clean rooms, plush linens, television, and free WIFI). Your hotel offers wonderful amenities such as a fitness center, wake-up calls, pool, etc. How about convenience? What can your hotel do to increase the accessibility of the amenities and services your hotel offers to its guests? In-room hotel tablet concierge is an innovative way to improve hotel guest experience. 

What is In-Room Hotel Tablet Concierge?

In-room hotel tablet concierge refers to the installation of an iPad tablet in each room that gives guests access to all of your hotel's amenities and services right at their fingertips without ever having to leave their room. This is a state-of-the-art guest experience that is sure to set your hotel apart from competitors. 

Why Does Every Hotel Need This Luxury Feature?

Whether your guests are there vacation or on business travel, the one thing they all have in common is that they want their experience to be as hassle-free and seamless as possible. They want the ability to order food from their room, schedule a wake-up call, learn of things to do in the area, find out when the gym is open, etc. The ability to do this without ever visiting the hotel lobby will instantly make your guests' experience a luxurious one.  

How Does In-Room Hotel Tablet Concierge Enhance the Guest Experience?

Software providers like Volo! for iPad offers your guests a one-of-a-kind experience with the following features:

  • The ability to schedule custom wake-up calls 
  • Schedule maintenance requests or housekeeping requests 
  • Request bag check-out and/or valet service 
  • Schedule spa and salon appointments 
  • Make dinner reservations 
  • Order meals delivered to their room 
  • Arrange transportation 
  • Learn about local shops, fine dining, and activities. 

This list will depend on the specific services and amenities offered by your hotel. 

How Can In-Room Hotel Tablet Concierge Improve Your Business?

Volo! can be customized to fit your hotel's brand, personality, amenities, and services. Volo! will convey your hotel's personality to guests right through the iPad. The software allows you to customize offerings based on what your location has available to guests and subtly upsell events, packages, etc., and push notifications to guests through in-room hotel tablet concierge to effectively increase your bottom-line. 

Easily update menus, prices, services, and local activities through the intuitive and user-friendly Volo! interface. Your staff will enjoy working with Volo! powered by iPad. Improve staff productivity and workplace efficiency by communicating and managing requests through this state-of-the-art system! 

Keep iPad Protected and Charged With IPORT LUXE

We understand that the integration of in-room hotel tablet concierge is a large investment that you not only want to protect but you also want to make sure it is in optimal working order for every single guest that stays in your hotel. This means two things. One, you must keep the iPads protected and two, each iPad must be charged at all times. This is where IPORT comes in. Our IPORT LUXE consists of an aesthetically pleasing mount that can either be installed to a wall or to a table-top, case for protection and charger to ensure the iPad is ready to go for the next guest. Easily improve hotel guest experience with Volo! powered by iPad and IPORT protect your powerful investment.