Technology like iPad docking stations that are easy to use and that guests are familiar with is a great way to improve your hotel guests experience throughout the duration of their stay. However, adding iPad wireless charging stations to your hotel operations also makes for a better experience for your employees and management team.

Using an iPad Docking Station in Your Hotel

Adding an iPad docking station like our Charge Case & Stand or LAUNCH systems will streamline, organize, and improve the quality of your employee's daily tasks.

Those who work in a hotel know there is little downtime. Portable iPad systems allow your employees to receive real-time updates from management no matter where they are in the building. The ability to communicate keeps the entire staff on the same page which can directly impact your guests stay at the hotel.

Additionally, these portable iPad cases give your staff the flexibility to take the tablets on calls anywhere in the building with them. Because housekeepers, maintenance crews, and other employees are never without the iPad and apps that help your hotel run smoothly, they are able to take better notes and provide higher quality documentation for everything from clean towel requests to broken air conditioning units.

When your employees return from their rounds, they simply return the iPad to the docking station to ensure it is charged and protected for when the next call comes in.

About Our Hospitality iPad Docking Stations

The Charge Case & Stand is an iPad wireless docking station that offers your housekeepers, maintenance crews, and other behind-the-scenes staff to bring iPads with them as they complete their essential tasks.

When you choose the Charge Case & Stand iPad charging system, you'll have the ability to freely use the iPad in both portrait and landscape mode. The stand is no bigger than a cup of coffee making it a convenient size for docking iPads wherever you need them. Our customers love the access they have to all iPad buttons, microphones, cameras, and speakers as well as the Charge's ability to allow them to charge multiple devices through the USB ports on the stand.

LAUNCH offers the same portability with the added benefit of magnets for wall mounting as well as superior drop protection of up to six feet. You can also add our Rugged Sleeve to further protect your new iPad. LAUNCH is also equipped with vehicle installation which can be wired into the 12-volt fuse circuit of maintenance vehicles, shuttles, and more.

IPORTs Superior Software Partners

IPORT has featured software partners for our systems that help make your new investment work even better for your property. For hotels looking to add an iPad wireless charging system to their back of house tool kit, Intelity offers solutions for better organization and record keeping.

Intelity features a Preventative Maintenance feature which allows management to track when all routine maintenance should occur. This helps to ensure that equipment maintains peak working conditions while reducing operational costs. Scheduling, tracking, and digital record keeping are all available benefits of using Intelity's iPad app in conjunction with our IPORT iPad systems.

iPad Docks Can Improve Hospitality Management

By adding iPad docks to your hotel operations, you are committing to a superior guest and employee experience. Guests will love the ability to personalize their experience by ordering in-room dining services, or complete and track housekeeping requests from the stylish docking station in their room. Employees and management teams will benefit from the ability to stay better connected and maintain better records.

Visit our website to learn more about how IPORT can help you streamline operations and improve your guests experience by adding iPad docking and charging throughout your hotel.