Why More iPads Are Being Used in the Workplace:

People are expecting technology to become more and more convenient. Our homes now are virtually wire free and connected to the internet of things, yet when we get to work, we need to spend substantial time making sure our tech can keep up. The iPad is a mobile and user-friendly technology that gives employees instant access to information and resources at their fingertips through iPad business apps and software. Individuals are starting to use more iPads in the workplace for multiple functions like employee training, point of sales, and record keeping. There is great learning management software, like PlayerLync, that is compatible with the iPad®, allowing employees to receive the most effective and high-quality training, anywhere, anytime which overall improves employee experience. Companies can go paperless with the e-learning feature while maintaining the most up to date information.

Another popular use of the iPad is inventory management in the workplace which allows information to be organized and up to date at all times. This inventory data will always be efficiently managed through iPad software allowing for less error and correct information readily available to all employees in real time.

The Best Package Solution for Your Technology:

When it comes leveraging everything the iPad is capable of, Appogee is our trusted partner and the only enterprise level Value-Added Reseller for Apple products. Appogee is the one stop solution for anything Apple in your workplace including hardware, software, and accessories. Combining superior service with superior products, Appogee ensures you get the right solution package for your company.

Appogee has had great success with some of the most recognized companies across the globe. Those companies include Darden Restaurants, Southwest Airlines, and Sonic Automotive. Deploying tens of thousands of iPads across thousands of locations, Appogee is known for their quality, quickness, and knowledge of everything Apple.

"Appogee is the nation's only Apple-only Value-Added Reseller. As a group of true Apple Subject Matter Experts, we help Fortune 1000 businesses grow, transform, and succeed with Apple...In any situation where a customer is looking for the best possible all-in-one solution for protecting, charging, and maintaining their iPad, I always lead with IPORT as I truly believe their products are in a class of their own” says Will Stevens, National Account Executive of Appogee.

Benefits Behind This Innovative Device:

The overall benefits of having the iPad in your workplace are the efficiencies it brings to your company. The iPad is able to streamline all information throughout the workplace, keeping all employees up to date and eliminating miscommunications. Having a more transparent environment fosters more communication and collaboration while increasing productivity. With IPORT’s options for iPad wireless charging stations, Appogee’s technology solutions, and the iPad streamlining your company information, your workplace will become more organized and efficient.