One industry that people probably would have never predicted computer screens to play a role in is construction, but technology has truly touched all parts of our lives. Now tablets are just as common on a construction site as in other industries; the only difference is that they are a lot more vulnerable on a site than in a hospital. No tablet in the world can stand up to the rigors of construction, but there is one tablet case for construction workers that will protect the device and give it some awesome added features. The IPORT LAUNCH Rugged System is everything you could want out of a protected case with a few added features that you will rely on.

Unmatched Durability

Of course, the number one attribute you want for a tablet case for construction sites is durability. The number of ways a tablet could get damaged on-site are endless, so you need a case that will withstand the accidents you can't predict. The LAUNCH Case with the Rugged Sleeve is NFPA 1901 certified and can withstand 10.6G’s of force. They are also water-resistant, so whether it is a spill on a table or a drop in a puddle, your tablet will be fine after a quick wipe down. These cases will undoubtedly pay for themselves almost immediately with the prevention of device damage and the time it takes to transfer data to a new device. Although this case can take as many falls as it needs to, the LAUNCH Rugged Case also has an adjustable Velcro hand strap to stop easily preventable dropping accidents.

Vehicle Installation

One reason tablets have become so popular in commercial industries is their mobility which makes them an asset in many ways. The LAUNCH System takes that mobility to another level by allowing your commercial tablet to be mounted in a vehicle using a 75/100mm VESA pattern mounter. Whether you are moving across one big site or from site to site, it is nice to have your tablet mounted at eye level. Even if the tablet never leaves the car, you will have peace of mind that the LAUNCH case would keep the device safe if the vehicle were ever in an accident.

Convenience Features

The main function of the LAUNCH Rugged System is to protect tablets in rugged work environments, but that doesn't mean that it can't come with some fun convenience features. One of the coolest additions to this tablet case for construction sites is the magnetic mounting capabilities which come in hand in several situations. Being able to stick your tablet to anything metal will free up your hands and ensure that your device is not lost on a messy work-site. This case also comes with a wireless inductive charging feature, so there is no need to mess around with wires and ports; just set it on the charger, and it will charge.

No More Headaches

A damaged device causes more problems than it being taken out of commission at the moment. The cost of repair or replacement, the time it takes to get a new device, and the potential loss of data that may occur with the damage are just a few examples of headaches device damage can cause. It is better to protect the devices you have with the best-rugged tablet case you can find. Whether it is the tablet protection or one of the many convenience features of this case, you will not be disappointed that you chose the LAUNCH Rugged System to protect your tablet. If you are ready to take your tablet game to the next level on-site, in your vehicle, or wherever you are, check out the LAUNCH Rugged System to see how you can make iPad into a valuable tool in the field.