As an entrepreneur in the restaurant industry, there are many tasks and responsibilities you have to juggle between. From managing your employees, to company finances, you have to do it all while still upholding your customer service. And now more than ever, the standard of sanitizing and maintaining healthy practices is evolving.   Some of the most challenging components of running a restaurant are employee training, which involves manuals, ever changing policies, shadowing, observing, and much more. With all the tasks involved with training, there is an easy and efficient software to help streamline the process called learning management system (LMS) that allows you to conduct all training via a software like PlayerLync. Here are some benefits when you install LMS software to improve employee training.

Better Streamlined Than Conventional Methods:

 When you have LMS on a device like an iPad, employees are able to have an interactive and efficient learning experience within their training. Employees are able to have all the information they need in the palm of their hand and complete the training in an organized fashion. The interactive eLearning can include video demonstrations for the tasks at hand to make sure the employees retain and visually understand the process. With the eLearning experience, employees not only take the required training but also retain all information and are able to practice it while on the floor at their own pace. This will overall enhance the customer experience in your restaurant because your employees will be trained properly to treat your customers with the best service.

Awareness of Restaurant Changes:

Another great benefit of LMS is the communication component that is involved between the restaurant management and your employees. With a strong LMS, your employees will always be notified when there is new training materials or relevant company updates. Plus, you are able to track their progress so you can ensure they are getting thee required training done.

High-Quality Training:

You want your employees to receive the highest of quality and effective training, while consistency between all employees. LMS allows you to have control over what trainings your employees should complete so the programs are accelerated and thorough enough for the best learning experience depending on their roles and responsibilities.

Reliable Software Like PlayerLync:

LMS software that encompasses all these benefits in PlayerLync. PlayerLync is a mobile learning and operations software that integrates content distribution, e-learning, and paperless operations into a single solution that helps the front line deliver exceptional customer experiences.

With this software, your employees will always be provided with the most up to date information and will be able to access content offline, meaning they can access it basically anywhere with restaurant iPad. Also, the e-learning components allow self-paced learning, higher productivity, and collaborative learning with other employees. It allows you to control and track the performance of employees or teams and elevate your restaurant team as a whole.

Hardware Solution:

With the implementation of the right software, you need to consider a device to hold, charge, and protect your hardware. With iPad, you allow employees the ability to be mobile and train in certain areas of the restaurant that make the most sense. IPORT provides solutions to not only keep your iPads protect, but also wireless charged so it is ready at all times. With IPORT LAUNCH, you can dedicate a BaseStation in the back of the restaurant where employees will always be able to find the iPad and charging case and return it upon training completion. Or if tabletop space is limited, you can mount the iPad on a wall to save space.

Mobile learning is an incredibly innovative avenue for modern companies. By equipping your team with iPads and integrating mounting stations into the workplace, you can reap all the benefits of mobile learning for both onboarding and virtual training.  Contact us today about building your mobile learning and iPad mounting infrastructure.