In the modern workplace, digital signage is the latest upgrade in functional decor. When most people hear the term 'digital signage' their first thought is a programmable LED street sign, but the potential for digital signage goes far beyond this. Using advanced tablets like iPads and professional mounts makes it possible to add sophisticated building and schedule management to your signage design. From conference room booking to virtual visitor reception, digital signage with iPads makes it possible to add dynamic management to your digital sign design.

Of course, the best way to make great use of iPad digital signage is to put real-world business examples into action. Explore five of the top use cases for iPad digital signage

Welcome and Direct Visitors

The digital reception design is one of the most popular uses for iPad virtual signage because it streamlines the guest, visitor, and client experience. In the age of viral safety in the workplace, a virtual reception table also minimizes direct face-to-face contact between your admin staff and visitors.

With iPad mounts like the IPORT Surface Mount mounted on a wall, a properly programmed iPad can greet guests with beautiful graphics, provide check-ins, and even direct visitors to their desired destinations inside the building.

Manage Conference Room Availability and Scheduling

Conference rooms and other public spaces are often in high demand inside the modern workplace. From hosting clients to housing team meetings to quiet spaces for private phone calls, conference room management is necessary so that each purpose does not conflict with the others. For this reason, conference rooms are often booked and their schedules publicly posted to help everyone make the best use of conference room time.

Digital signage is essential for modern workplaces in tracking, displaying, and even registering conference room occupation. Those passing by can see the time of their next meeting and determine whether a conference room is available for a future meeting or current use. An iPad mounted into the wall or door of a conference room makes this easy to manage as highly advanced, interactive, and aesthetic digital signage.

Display Ongoing Team Goals and Progress

Digital signage also plays a role in team management and motivation. With today's teams working at a social distance, signage can make it easier and more friendly to keep track of the progress of teamwork. A mounted iPad can easily display the percentage of the progress a team has made or indicate that submitted work is ready for another team or team member to take charge of the next step in a matter of teamwork.

iPads with flexible mounting solutions also make it possible for teams to conduct their work and present the progress as digital signage from one stage of shared work to the next.

Order Pickup and Delivery Management

One method of digital signage that has truly taken off is the management of order pickups and deliveries. A tablet posted as an interactive kiosk makes it easy for visitors and clients to submit their arrival and readiness to pick up a package. Once signed directly or even signaled through their own mobile app, your digital signage can then greet clients by name and let them know if, when, and where their orders will be ready to pick up.

Similar methods can be used internally to manage deliveries conducted by your team or a third party. Digital signage can make it clear which orders are ready to go out and which drivers should take them for delivery directly to your clients. The tablet can then be used to log deliveries as they leave so that clients can track their order progress remotely to their satisfaction.

Greet Clients and Sign-In for Appointments

Lastly, digital signage has become essential for managing clients or patients who arrive for scheduled appointments. In the era of no-contact service, an iPad kiosk makes it easy for visitors to sign-in and register their arrival in the time before an appointment is scheduled and see the predicted wait time before they can visit with their intended professional. From doctor's offices to private instructors, iPad digital signage allows clients to register their arrival and readiness, which is then conveyed to the management staff and professionals whose time has been booked for the purpose.

Professionals can then indicate their availability for walk-in clients or whether appointments will be conducted on-time to clients as they arrive.

iPads are powerful devices that, when properly mounted, become high-performance interactive signage inside any place of business. Whether you are managing the internal use of conference rooms or interfacing with clients through an interactive kiosk, the digital signage opportunities offered in iPad technology are both useful and aesthetically beautiful. Whether you need a surface-mount or side-mount design, IPORT is here to make your digital signage designs into an interactive reality.