There are many ways that technology has made it easier than ever to run a cafe from a pop-up to a large franchise. One of the most front-and-center ways technology has made running a coffee shop easier is through tablet point-of-sale machines. Instead of bulky cash registers with separate credit card machines that need to be plugged into work, many cafes have switched to wireless tablets that are so versatile they can even be mobile if needed. If you are trying to figure out point-of-sale device accessories for your cafe, there are certain features that you can't go without.

Choosing the Right Hardware

Choosing the stand for tablet point of sale is more important than one may think. These devices are used for hundreds to thousands of transactions for hours a day which means they are being pressed, turned, slid, and even spilled on, on occasion, so you need a tablet case that will stand up to the abuse of everyday use, but you also want functions of convenience. Features like wireless charging and multiple USB charging ports make it easy to keep a tablet charged all day. Tablets can be used to take orders in the front and back of the house, and while they perform the same function, they have slightly different looks and features. Luckily, IPORT has a solution for every use case.

Front of House IPORT LUXE

The front of the house tablet point-of-sale device is safer from spills and bumps than a back-of-the-house device which means that it can trade a little ruggedness for a sleek design. The IPORT LUXE model has rounded edges that give an upscale look to one of the first things a guest sees when they enter. It comes with a wireless charging station to ensure it is always charged and can be locked or removed to prevent theft. The LUXE stand puts the tablet at an ergonomic angle that makes it easier to view and use repetitively without putting too much stress on the neck or wrist.

Back of House IPORT LAUNCH

Whether your back-of-house device is actually in the back of the house or just behind the counter, it will need to be a little more resistant than the good-looking IPORT LAUNCH. IPORT LAUNCH is designed for the back of the house and comes with an optional rugged sleeve designed to protect from the bumps, scrapes, and spills that will happen in a busy café. It has wireless charging capabilities but also comes with two extra USB charging ports to expand charging options. Like the LUXE, LAUNCH can be removed from its stand, making it perfect when you need to be mobile, whether you are on the floor or updating seating availability. Magnetic mounting makes it a breeze to pop it back on the stand as soon as you're done using it, ensuring that it won't get left on a counter to be lost, stolen, or damaged.

Which One is Right for Your Business?

The service industry as a whole has changed immensely in the past year, and the point of sale happens more often online and over the phone than it does at the front of the business. As things return to normal, we will hopefully see a lot more front-of-house point-of-sale opportunities which means that, depending on the size of your establishment, both of these options will probably be needed. It's the 21st-century, and technology has taken over, so it is time to embrace it and make the best of it. Customers and employees will appreciate how much more proficient your staff is when using IPORT devices, and you'll love the professional look they bring to the table.