Ever notice that the manufacturer’s claim of battery life never seems to quite match what they said. Maybe it’s because they’re talking theoretically, not taking the device and running it through an daily grind of normal use during a day and instead basing hours on controlled laboratory tests that don’t exist in the real world. But if you’ve an iPad and it’s not brand new, or even if it is, then the battery inside isn’t going to be always performing at super top level because the power level won’t always be at 100%.. Which means you need to keep it charged up, if only at odd moments when you’re doing something else and can let it be. And sure some might find it problematic to be leaving an iPad lying around with a cable running into it that could pull the tablet onto the floor, but what choice is there? It’s not like you can charge an iPad without having to attach it to a cable. Or can you? If you had IPORT’s Charge Case & Stand 2, then the answer would be yes.

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