San Clemente, CA – September 13, 2021

IPORT, the award-winning manufacturer of products that hold, charge, and protect dedicated use tablets in residential and commercial spaces, is proud to announce the launch of the all-new IPORT CONNECT PRO.CONNECT PRO is the completely redesigned system for holding, charging, and protecting iPad. This direct replacement for IPORT LAUNCH includes the familiar components: BaseStation, WallStation, and Case, now with an optional CONNECT PoE+ Upgrade. The electrical charging enhancements and a uniquely modular design provide a powerful and more flexible charging capability that supports all iPad models, including iPad Pro.

“We are incredibly proud to introduce CONNECT PRO to our customers, dealers, and reps who utilize IPORT products in their projects everyday” said Mike Sonntag, Senior Vice President of IPORT. “While the iPad used to be a uniquely personal item, we've seen how it's been adopted as a dedicated device for home automation, and how transformative IPORT has been in making that experience seamless and sophisticated. Our reimagined platform is designed to inspire customers on all of the ways they can better integrate iPad into their home, and to evolve with them as their needs change.”

The all-new CONNECT interface also includes optional PoE charging using the IPORT CONNECT PoE+ Upgrade. This optional module connects directly into any IPORT CONNECT PRO BaseStation or WallStation, converting power over a single Cat 5 cable. The CONNECT PoE+ Upgrade provides more flexibility for installing and charging dedicated-use iPad in the home or in corporate applications.

“The all new CONNECT PRO includes all the familiar components and features of IPORT LAUNCH, plus a new electrical platform that is 100% reengineered from the ground up enabling the support of both lightning devices like iPad and USB-C devices like iPad Pro,” explains Derick Dahl, Director of Product Development for IPORT. “The new IPORT CONNECT Platform is a series of interfaces with deep underlying technologies that support the next generation of wireless device charging with a foundation for various data throughput capabilities in the future. We are excited for this next generation of products and we hope they continue to inspire people to interact with the technology in their homes and businesses in unique and surprising ways.”

IPORT CONNECT PRO products begin shipping in Q3 2021, with additional products for enterprise applications to be added in the coming months.

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Press Contact: Leah Spano | T: 949.492.7777

In 2004, the team at Sonance saw an opportunity to integrate everyone’s favorite Apple products into our everyday lives in a simple way. This led to the launch of IPORT. Beginning with the world’s first in-wall dock for iPod, and later evolving into in-wall mounts for iPad and iPod touch, IPORT evolved to become a tool to help end-users turn their tablet into a simple and functional home controller or business tool.

Today, industry-wide praise continues to grow as IPORT redefines where and how tablets can be used in residences and commercial applications, alike. From homes, hotel rooms, corporate offices, yachts, and fleet vehicles, IPORT products solve real problems and enhance the usability of tablets at home and for business every day.


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