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Located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada is Vitality Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre. Vitality’s mission is to inspire patients to live a healthy and active lifestyle through movement and empower them to better their lives through therapeutic exercise.

Vitality Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre features premium facilities to ensure the client experience is top-notch and highly trained professionals who want to help individuals reach their full potential through health and wellness.



To best keep businesses operating efficiently, companies are pivoting from paper documents to digitized processes and operation management. With the popularity of iPad® being utilized as a business tool, the team at Vitality Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre wanted to utilize the Apple device for everything from guest check-in, to guest reviews and tracking patient records. However, with demanding appointment schedules and a constant flow of client traffic coming in and out, keeping devices charged and displayed in a way that would allow them to effectively maintain a professional setup and easily accessible proved to be challenging.

The team at Vitality Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre wanted to find a way to digitize their internal processes with technology that could be integrated into the facility while maintaining the aesthetics that are important to their brand image while ensuring the most premium client experience at every touchpoint. With struggles to find a proper solution to keep iPads charged and protected in a beautiful way at their first location, Vitality reached out to Square Design and Build to help find a solution for their new flagship location.

Square Design and Build were awarded this project to design the newest Vitality Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre facility and turned to IPORT to incorporate functional technology that would enhance the aesthetics of the space, align with their brand image of beautiful design, and streamline numerous processes to help the facility run smoothly.


“From the moment a guest walks through the door, to ensuring staff has the tools to run a smooth operation, every aspect of our design and technology integration needs to feel cohesive. Having beauty, comfort, and innovative functionality is what we were aiming for. IPORT allowed us to seamlessly add technology into the space, without losing the integrity or vision of the space. IPORT is now an extension of our creation.”

Hussein Faleh Interior Designer, Square Design and Build



- Utilize an Apple device to can run software capable of managing business functions including appointment scheduling, guest check-in, and electronic charting to streamline all processes for clients and staff.

- Ensure iPad stays charged and accessible to accommodate consistent client foot traffic and to allow staff to take iPad throughout the facility for operational management and back-to-back appointments.

- Create a dedicated space for clients to leave a review before leaving to increase the likelihood of them submitting a review.

- Integrate technology that would blend in with the aesthetic of the space.



Business is driven by Apps. iPad deployments have become a necessity. The optimal solution for iPad deployments in business is the combination of the iPad, applications, and the method to hold, charge, and protect the device.

For over 15 years, the product engineers at IPORT have continually explored and refined the way our products can complete iPad, ensuring it is always charged, protected, and accessible… wherever the road may take it.



To ensure the team at Vitality Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre could welcome visitors with a simple and elegant experience from the moment they entered the building, to equipping staff with a tool to hold, charge, and protect their iPad as they moved throughout the facility, IPORT LUXE was used to keep business running seamlessly, while not disrupting the design of the facility. The Jane software app was run on the iPad for check-in, charting, scheduling, and billing. And with the ability to lock the iPad Case to the BaseStation for added security, or the option to take it throughout the facility for operational needs and client appointments, IPORT LUXE allows staff to do all the things within the app without disruption.

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“We are super happy with the IPORT LUXE system. We really like that it is made with premium materials that you can feel when you hold the device and that it is so aesthetically pleasing. It also eliminates the stress of charging the iPad from the equation, so we never have to worry if the iPad is charged or have people fighting over finding a charger.”

Mina Rezk Owner and Clinic Director, Vitality Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre.




IPORT LUXE is the premium wireless charging and mounting system for iPad designed for charging on table-top or on-wall. The LUXE Case is a thin, symmetrical, aluminum enclosure that protects iPad and grants you complete access to all iPad buttons, microphones, cameras, and speakers. LUXE BaseStation allows iPad to charge wirelessly and mount via embedded magnets with an adjustable mounting joint that facilitates a variety of orientations. Security features of the BaseStation include the ability to lock the case onto the base, as well as installing the base onto a table, wall, or solid surface. BaseStation can be powered by its USB adapter or optionally, via PoE using the IPORT PoE Splitter (sold separately). LUXE WallStation is the smallest, most elegant iPad wall mount and made of a singular piece of aluminum. Utilizing IPORT’s PoE Splitter and a standard CAT cable, WallStation can be up to 300 ft. from its power source. With its minimalist design and premium finishes, IPORT LUXE blends iPad into the design of any space while allowing the iPad to stay charged and protected at all times.





In 2004, IPORT saw an opportunity to integrate everyone’s favorite Apple products in a simple way into our everyday lives. Beginning with the world’s first in-wall dock for iPod, and later evolving into in-wall mounts for iPad and iPod touch, the company realized that IPORT could help end-users turn their tablet into a simple and functional business tool or home controller.

Today, industry-wide praise continues to grow as IPORT redefines where and how you can use tablets in residences and commercial applications alike. From residences, healthcare facilities, corporate offices, hotel rooms and fleet vehicles, IPORT products solve real problems and enhance the usability of tablets in business and at home every day.